Will samples better in quality than production unit?

Corrugated Display Box

There are very a few occasions customers come back to us after their corrugated display box bulk order units arrived.
And question,

  • Material:the pre-production display sample unit  shipped before order confirmed seems to be stronger.
  • Color: There seems to be minor color difference between these two.

We are not surprised on this at all, and often the case we can make sense to help customers out of this doubt.

Material is with the same strengthen core, for coutner it is 120G, and floor displays often 140G to 180G. Production process is not the same,

  • pre-production: surface paper is mounted onto corrugate days ago
  • bulk production: surface paper mounted onto corrugate by wet glue within 15days, the glue needs to dry gradually and become strong.

Color is printed from the same artwork.

  • sample: is digital printed
  • bulk order units: offset printed by Germany KBA machine. It is 95%+ exact.