Assembled with Products in Distrubution Centres Solid Packing Cardboard Display

Choosing between KDF knock-down-off packed solution and assembled with products in distrubution centres solid packing cardboard display,we see its merits.

Ship your cardboard display fully assembled in a master carton box, make it simply 5 seconds to setup at retail stores. Depending on the marketing scheme, it can be with 2 ways,

  • display assembled in shipper box
  • product loaded in this assembled display and ready to merchandise off shelf.

In the condition there is a header or crowner, this part will be take down and slot in this solid packing cardboard display. When arrive at drop ship location,just take it out and put on. You get ready to go!

We have been benefit from solid packing cardboard display for 3 orders, it saves great time to market, and we are getting more involved in the whole distribution channel.Great stuff!

Andrew KingIndustry Design Chief

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