Baby Diapers Cardboard Display Stands

“Unique Shape Designed”

Project overview:

Customers come to us for a pos display made from MDF wood material. And tell MDF cost to much, the cardboard displays cost are out of their budget. Our structure designers analysis: With MDF, the overall shape is relatively rigid than paper stand, however it gets stronger weight bearing than cardboard display stand.  So the key issue is weight bearing capacity.


Designers decide to go with the one of only “hook design” to have the shelves lock into back and side panel with a hook structure. This way there are 3 side to hold up baby diapers on shelves.


This tailor-made, cost-effective and high-impact point of sale displays boost customer’s sales greatly with a 30% sales increase.
If they get dirty, simply wipe clean with a wet cloth. The most important thing to consider about our cardboard display stands is their customization. We can make them in all shapes and sizes and they benefit from offset printing technology that ensures your brand design remains sharp and vibrant.

• Displays your product away from the usual shelf clutter

• Stands out from the competition

• Long-lasting good looks
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