Custom Corrugated Packaging

Great Weight Bearing. Easy Setup.

Retail dumpbins are open area that losely showcase products on its top from which shoppers could get easy access to.

Most often dumpbins are used to promote seasonal or clearance products. It’s branding can be on all 4 sides and usually with a top hearder. 

Our corrugate dumpbins comply with transit testing of major club stores.

Example Work: Custom Corrugated Packaging

Dumpbins - Red Bull Energy Drinks Cooli

This cooli display is one of the variations we created for Red Bull. On its buttom there is a refrigirator that can be plugged to socket and exert its cooling function. Amazing combination between corrugate and electric.

Dumpbins - Quickie BULLDOZER Push Broom

Quickie BULLDOZER came to us for a floor display solution that has a minimun footprint size. So we designed this dumbpin to hold their push broom samples.

Dumpbins - Home Accents Hollowen Toys

This hollowen toy is made of metal. So you can image its weight up to 10kg. We worked out a set of struts inside of the base so that it can carry its weight and up bring visual level.