11 Factors That Influence Purchasing Decisions in Brick and Mortar Business

Every brand manager and retailer wants to get the most out of a retail business. But what are the most influencial factors that impact your retail store sales?
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Every brand manager and retailer wants to get the most out of a retail business. But what are the most influencial factors that impact your retail store sales?

In today’s competitive market place you need to stand out from the crowd by paying great attention on at least these 11 most important factors.

Whole Store Environment

Create a proprer shopping environment for your clients is quite an efficient way to attract your customers when they first step in a store. There are too many alternatives and choices to your products, you need to stand out and allow your target customers a “feeling good” store ambience.

Call to Action Products Display

Whenever a customer goes to a retail store, they are expecting products to be

  • Easy to find
  • Neatly arranged on display
  • Creative on design

A tailor made cardboard display can help to achieve all the above goals. Its bold and well designed graphics are shouting out to shoppers passing by.

Attitude from Shop Associates

Since it is brick and mortar business, you will definitely need some help from the shop associates. Be it they help to bring your products onto shelves or help you set up a knock down off cardboard display, they are one of the most key factors to bring your case to be success.

Also at the checkout counter, attitudes of the cashier decides whether your products leaves a positive or negative impact on consumers.

Appropriate Packaging

This is to say you need “just right” packaging for your products. Sustainable becomes an emerging trends in packaging industry, however you should not go to far as not have anything to wrap up your products at all.

Branding the packaging with your company logo is quite smart and these package sometimes can be reuse. Keep environmentally friendly in mind always.

Your Reputation from all Channels

For most of brands, they have both online and offline sales channels.

Offline sales can be generated by word of mouth. After selling the first batch of products, buyers will carry and spread your products advantage be it good quality or favorable price, they will tell from one to another.

It if is online, like Amazon, people are care for review. Gain as much as positive review, or leave only a few negative review but with nice wording.


Everyone wants to buy product at lower price while considering your efforts on every aspects, your packaging, display, and the good quality of products itself, don’t sell your shelf short!

Nail a price from a total heads and a reasonable profit, you will win customers respects in the end by your products quality.

Are You Live Online?

Whether you selling directly online, it is worthy to have a website. It doesn’t have to be a hundred pages. Simply introduce:

  • Who you are?
  • What you do?
  • How you do it?
  • What you can bring to customer?
  • What makes you different from competitors?
    How to contact you?

You will gain trust from this online website day by day.

Social Media Engagement

If you group your target consumers into different age groups, you will find they are quite active in different social media.

You need to be active periodically and post some messages like photos, videos of your company, products. So that your target audience will know you still alive. This social media engagement can be connected to your online website as above mentioned.

Put it Simple : SKU, graphics

Well applying an off-shelf cardboard display has bring your products away from the crowd, in the stand itself, everything should be kept simple and focused. For example, you can narrow down your SKUs to a few most important ones.

Also graphics, some display even has only white and black graphics which quite match their brand value.

Your Promotional Scheme

Whether you are introducing a new product to market, or you would clear sales of the last batch, it greatly influence your consumer’s buying decision and their passion.

Target Buying Purpose

Buying purpose can be divided into at least three categories,

  • Buy for personal use
  • Buy for group use
  • Buy for gift purpose

Your marketing wrap can be based on these different consumers buying behavior.


It can be really tough and tricky to build a point of purchase display to promote your sales in retail stores, but we can have you catch the opportunities and let’s your products stand out from the crowd.

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