12 Different POP Cardboard Display Types-Which Suits You Best?

The key to a successful retail marketing campaign lay much in the right point of purchase display you are choosing. In this tutorial we are going to focus on POP Cardboard Displays that suits your product most.
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The key to a successful retail marketing campaign lay much in the right point of purchase display you are choosing. In this tutorial we are going to focus on POP Cardboard Displays.

In order to identify the best cardboard display to showcase your products, we need to take some important factors that influence your final decision into account,

  • Big club store guidelines,
  • Placement and footprint of the store,
  • Restrictions on space and overall size,
  • Safety, transit testing requirements
  • Dropshipping durability
  • Last but not least Cost

With above basic aspects taken into consideration, your retail display projects are a big step closer to success.

Retail cardboard pop displays may be packed in different ways that can be discussed case by case. Most frequenty used packing style are (KDF) kock-down-off, semi-assembled and consolidate packed and shipped.

Beside the assembly request, cardboard displays choice will also vary based on where to use, how to assemble and the lifespan it is supposed to be.

The most important factor to consider is to full understand what targets they are going to acheive. Let’s get started one by one.

12 Different POP Cardboard Display Types

Dump Bins

You might see quite often times that a rectangular or square bin on floor space which hosted products in bulk and you are enticed by their highlighted graphcis and the bulk selling low price. Yes this is what our carboard dumpbin does in retail stores.

Dump bins are widely used to present relatively small items in bulk and customers are likely to buy a few of them. Quite often used to display snack bars, bagged items, small kitchen tools etc.

One of the biggest advantage of dumpbin display is its flexibility to place anywhere in the store. For example you can place the dumpbins strategically next to a complementary product so that customer are triggered to grab your products without second thought and without the need to search for a new category.

Dumpbins are open on all four sides which increases the chance of interactions with shoppers going by.

Free Standing Displays

Free Standing Display Units or Free Standing Units are short for FSDUs and FSUs in British market. Brand owners, retail marketers, designers and consumers like you all like this type of cardboard display very much.

There are some unique selling points for Free Standing Display Units,

  • Flexibility in location
  • Easy to setup
  • Comperatively larger space to stock items
  • Large image areas
  • Great weight bearing capacity
  • Changable graphics based on promotional season and theme
  • Light weight and freight saving

Other than above nice points, another great aspect is more challenging and more dependable on structural designers. That free standing display units can even be in the shape of your product!

Take this barrel for example. Who would have ignored this promotional pop cardboard display in the shape of a beer barrel! It drives sales up to 300% according to our clients after putting this stand in store.

End Caps

End caps are displays located at the end of aisle. Shoppers even don’t need to walk into the long aisle before they can shop your products.

Since the areas of a end aisle is usually large so the displays also can be in large footprint. They give your products a prime apperance and place to attract all traffic that walk into the aisle.

The end cap can be accessed from three sides. One of the most popular display style is what we call it waterfall display. Corrugated bins and trys stacked from floor all the way up to the top of the wirerack. It carries a huge amount of stock, same as it attracts high-traffic.

Pallet Displays

If it comes to a pallet display, then you are doing a bigger project we have to say.

A pallet display is either a quarter pallet, half pallet or full pallet that displays your products. These displays are made of strong corrugate cardboard in a creative shape or structure. There are large areas that you can put on your brand logo, selling points and images on the stand. All these link a positive experience with the brand.

These pallet displays are often used in display projects for big box club stores like The Home Depot, Costco and Sam’s. Products shown on the display vary from daily necessities to gardening, kitchware to clothes, toys, tumblers and costmetics.

A cross-selling is possible on one single pallet display since there are many columns or faces for you to stock a good number of different items.

Disney Marvel Corrugated Pallet Display
Disney Marvel Corrugated Pallet Display

Pallet Skirts

A Pallet Skirt is a point of purchase retail display dressing skirt to cover wooden pallets which host your products in a retail store.

Among all the point of purchase cardboard display types, pallet skirt is one of the most economical in cost, simple in structure, easy in assembly, largest in printing graphics.

As you see all the advantage of a corrugate pallet skirt, you might be interested to make one. Though it has its place to play.

Often pallet skirts are used in club stores to wrap up the wooden pallets so it’s also called a pallet wrap. Here below is a successful example we created for Kellogg’s in 2009.

Counter Displays

Counter Displays are small footprint cardboard displays put over the counter at the register checkout or inline on shelf to neatly sorted your products and drive retail sales.

Counter displays are also called PDQs “Pretty Darn Quick” or CDUs ‘’Counter Display Units” or Countertops. We can judge it is widely used fom its variety of names retailers give to them.

Some designs of counter displays can also function as a retail packaging during transit to protect your products. With a dotted tear-off line it is easy to tear away the upper part by shop associate when arrive at retail to function as a pop display.

It might be one of the most suitable corrugate pos display types for start-ups. Small in size, requires the minimum of corrugate material, and takes up the least space thus position is quite flexible.

Either put over checkout counter as a point of sale display where people line up to pay and leave while triggers their last minute impulse purchase. Or put inline of shelf to draw focus attention on your brand among other items that without a display.

Look this Pukka Earbuds counter display unit, people are inresistant to plug one to buy.

Earplug Corrugate Counter Display Unit

Pegboard Hook Display

pegboard Hook Display is a point of purchase display made of corrugated material and use plastic or metal hooks to hangsell products in retail market.

A large amount of products are packed in a bag and there always a hole for hang on the hooks for easy merchandising. A pegboard hook display can be either a FSDU floorstand, or a small counter units depends on how large place you get access in a store.

Under some brands their produt packages are in both types of bags or boxes, so a combination of hook&shelf stand will work best for that, take below for an example,

With Metal Hooks To Hang Heavy Duty Items Pegboard Retail Display
Metal Hooks & Shelves Pegboard Retail Display

Totem LAMA Stand

A totem display is a signage or billboard that display your product information on a ellipse shaped display which is easy to pop up in seconds.

Often used in an event, a new product launch, in hotels, exhibitions to broadcast product or company information, or introduce an event.

Well of course if a guest client arrive at the factory, we can also present a welcoming notes on a Totem Lama stand.

Club Store Displays

To successfully build Club Store Displays requries a designer and manufactuer understand soundly the packaging and display standards from each of the different major club stores such as Sam’s, The Home Depot and Costco.

Trays are one of the most effective product holder for a club store display. Top trays will be removed once products on them are sold out.

In designing a club store display, weight bearing capacity factor is least considered, since products are stacked on top of each other so there is no need to worry about structure and stability.

One of the good points for this design is that these club store displays are sturdy enough and can stand up from the rigors international or national drop shipping.

At Packwins we have rich experience in design and manufacturing these displays for major club stores like Biglots, Walmart Costco and Sam’s. From pet supplies, back-to-school items, toys and consumer electronics we have been inrolled in, our designers are flexible, talented and confident. We have been fully exert our expertise with these retailers which enables us to quickly develop pallet and display solutions to meet any opportunity.

COCO Snack Club-Store-Pallet-Display

Cardboard Trolley

Cardboard Trolley boxes are corrugated display boxes with a pullrod and wheels you take to stock flyers or samples during an exhibition. It specifically targets the audience whoever attend the exhibition.

Often or only can be seen in exhibitions You can even cover all potential customers in the whole exhibits.

Booth number, company information, main products are clearly printed on the box so that whoever see this products will remenber your booth number and come for a business talk.

Cardboard Trolley Expo Box In Tradeshow

Gravity Feed Displays

Gravity Feed Displays are filled from the top and products go down and dispensed form the bottom with the efforts of gravity.

Products packed in bags or not easy to stack suits for a gravity feed display. There are mainly tree types of gravity feed displays,

  • Over the counter
Gravity Feed Box Point of Purchase Design for Snacks
Gravity Feed Box Point of Purchase Design for Snacks
  • Stand on floor space
Toys Gravity Feed Corrugated Point Of Purchase
Hello Kitty Gravity Feed Corrugated Point Of Purchase
  • Hang on wire frame

Sidekick Power Wing

Power wings are hang by plastic clips onto wire frame at the end of aisle or pop out from the shelves. Often there are standard size for a sidekick power wing display in big club stores.

More often a sidekick display is fully assembled and consolidate packed with products in. It is an efficient shipping method and can be drop shipped to retail stores.

Sidekick Powerwing Display

Would like a quick review on your retail cardboard display project?

Let’s Packwins Display get in roll for your next retail campaign using tailor designed cardboard display. Drop us a note for a quick project review.

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