7 Mistakes in Retail Corrugated Display and How to Avoid Them

Right now you may have an idea on what type of corrguated display you are going to apply, but before you start the display project, take these 7 commom mistakes most retailers and brand owners try to avoid.
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The world retail market becomes more competitive, so you need to stand out from the crowd in brick and mortal business. Many people have realized those advantages of a custom corrugated display could bring to their retail sales.

Brand owners using a corrugated pop display as a promotional marketing tool tend to make common mistakes that result in unsuccessful campaign.

Right now you may have an idea on what type of corrguated display you are going to apply, but before you start the display project, take these 7 commom mistakes most retailers and brand owners try to avoid.

Mistake #1: Inconsistent in Design

The aesthetical overall look of a cardboard display together with full loaded products is more appealing to consumers. Our brains are naturally seeking stuff that are nice looking, neatly arranged and cohesive in design.

In order to make your display to be consistent, sticking to your brand identity or your brand value, it’s better to use one color scheme throughout the display.

One color scheme does not mean to apply only one color in the stand, but at least the main color should be 1 or not more than 2, this can be proved by 5000 thousands corrugated display we manufacture each year.

Like Starwar black, Marvel blue, Disney Jr pink, MM yellow, and blue for Spinmaster.

Also be sure there are not too many materials on a single stand. If it is corrugated pos display, then acrylic or glass is not recommened to use together.

Mistake #2: Choosing Wrong Display Type

The type of corrugated display will have a huge impact on the sales of your products. There are many types of pos displays that you can choose from, pallet display, club store display, sidekick display, endcap display, counter display, FSDU display, dumpbins and etc.

Each display type has its most suitable products and store invironment. Make the right choice and you will hit your target.

Choose the right display based on your products.

Displays ranges from small countertops to large pallet displays, it’s all depend on which products you are going to sell on the stands. Take for example, heavy items like glass, drinks are suitable for FSDUs, pallet display or endcap stack.

Less in weight items like snacks, chocolate bars are pron to be shown on dumpbins, counter units, sidekick displays or floor stands.

Choose the right display type by produts packaging styple

In this guideline we talk about the packaging stype the products are in.

Some are polybagged and has a hole, it’s more suitable for hanging stand with hooks. Some bagged items without hole and are unable to stack to sell, then a gravity feed display or dumpbin, case stackers will do.

Products with regular shaped package are easy to stack thus they can be nicely arranged on shelves, in this case, all display with shelves work out.

Choose corrugated display type based on your store space.

Stores large and small, there is always one display type that suits your designated store.

For big club stores like Sam’s Club, Target, Walmart, most often you will see corrugated full pallet displays all round the place. These displays often can be accessd from all four sides to increase sales. Also there are sidekick hanging in wireframe to stop traffic.

A relatively smaller store there might be suitable for FSDUs floor display and counter units. If there is only a very tiny footprint corner for you to place your display, then a rotating display will work best.

Corrugated POS Rotating Display with Hooks

As you can see, there are different factors that determine on your display type choice, if you are not sure, do consult a professional design and manufacturer like Packwins to discuss in detail.

Mistake #3: To Much or Too Few Variety of Products

This point might not key to success for a retail cardboard display. But if you play it right, it do trigger more sales at retail.

We know you want to display your new or existing product range as complete as possible, but you need to strike for a balance. Displays can be designed to have different shelves, and each shelf hold a different flavor of snacks for example. Among these shelves you will have one or not more than two items prominent.

On the other hand, too few products might send a signal to consumers that your product lack of variety, which inturn stop the customers’ interest.

A better action is to look for the balance, supply reasonable variety in produt selection and decide which one(s) will be the most prioritize one.

Mistake #4: Bad in Store Maintainance

This is a failing factor most brand owners fail to maintain. Displays well designed, correctly set-up, stock full loaded, well this is only half success.

Most cardboard displays need to take their duty for at least 1 month through to 1 year. It needs to keep its well-organized manner, clear, neatly arranged products. Even to much time, we can found a display in brand A stock produts from brand B.

This is quite a waste of money and time.

Customers usually pay more attention to a clean and tidy display. It is high recommened that you have shop associate to maintain your displays and have all products displayed in good order.

Mistake #5: Not Easy To Restock

One of the terrific problem for brand owners is that there often lack enough products to restock. You will need first to do a test on a certain period that how many products to distribute for each retail store.

Peak seasons like Chirstmas, New Year, Easter, Halloween, Summer Holiday, Back to School days will probably have a high traffic and unexpted high sales volumn. Prepared, you will keep the display stand in good function, otherwise your display will be empty for a while or shop associate may put on other items on your stand.

Mistake #6: Poor Packing of Cardboard Displays

We have making great effort this far, creating display design, choose from the most suitable display type, pay great attention in printing and production, however if the pack of the display is poor, then the whole project can be fail.

We need to share our focus on display packing as well.

There are mainly 3 types of display packing,

KDF knock-down-off flat packed into shipper carton. This way you need to pay great attention since it will be dropshipped by courier like UPS and the carton must be very robust to resist rough handling.

Cardboard Cutouts Display finished-packing

Semi-packed. This usually refers to a floor stand with a powerwing main body.

A third packing method is consolidate pack with products. This way, the require for display packing is least required. Because all displays will be flat packed onto pallets and load into container.

When these displays arrive a distribution center, they will receive them in sound condition.

Pallet Display Packing Cost

Mistake #7: Hard to Assemble Guide

Most of cardboard displays are set up in retail stores. It’s highly recommened to design an easy to set up display structure before manufacturing.

Clear numbered steps with parts pictures will encourage store keeper to follow your assembly instruction when they set up the display stands. If not, they even don’t bother to use your guide and start to set up by their own capability. This can lead to wrong set up in the end.

If it is possible to assemble those complicated parts of the display in display factory, it would be far better.

When we design a new display, we will set up the display by our hands pre-production so that we get each step clear and sound. During the assembly process, we can take a video and upload to youtube as every shop associate have smart phones. They may prefer to watch an assembly video to read the steps you provide in the carton.

All in all, the display should be designed with as simple step as possible for people who doesn’t do as familiar as you do.


Subtle changes can make big difference in a store. Avoiding these 7 mistakes will help you out from improving consumer buying experience.

It’s time to rework on your plans and management of your retail cardboard displays. If you are ready to create the perfect poinf ot purchase cardboard display for your products, we are ready to work together with you to bring it into reality.

Contact us for an obligation free quote.

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