7 Tips on Finding the Best Corrugate Display at an Affordable Price

If you’ve got to sell, you need to show. A custom designed point of purchase corrugated display will help your products stand out from the crowd.
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If you’ve got to sell, you need to show. A custom designed point of purchase corrugated display will help your products stand out from the crowd.

Creating a pos cardboard display allows you to interact with your consumers by its unique printing of branding and easy-to-shop product arrangement on shelves or hooks.

What is a corrugated display?

A corrugated display is made up of at least 3 layers of paperboard. The corrugate flute middle connects the 2 outside liners, and forms into shape of designed.

Rather than other display materials like metal, wire, acrylic, corrugated display are light weight itself but with strong weight bearing capacity.

Since several paper layers can be jointed together by glues, the upper layer can be printed first then glue to the corrugate layer.

This makes it possible for you to customize any color any graphics of a display stand.

Because of its flexible characteristics, corrugate board can form different shape and can be designed to a variety of display types,

  • FSDUs Floor displays
  • CDUs Counter displays
  • Pallet displays
  • Gondola End Cap displays
  • Power wing/sidekick displays
  • Display dumpbins
  • Case Stackers
  • Gravity Feed Display
  • Cutout Standees
  • Cardboard Trolley

What Factors Can Affect Cost of a POS Corrugated Display?


You may have a bundle of SKUs want to generate sales and revenue. However you need to narrow down to 1 or several key items.

There should be a focused theme for a single display so that the graphic and content design can be clearly target your audience.


What is your product package size and unit weight?

This might be among the first questions your cardboard display supplier would ask.

Since these are basic information we would need to get started with design.


At Packwins, design is free of charge. You might understand design is the core issue prior to production. 

A simple act for a new customer is to brief all your product information and your expected outcome, then leave the rest to us to construct the design in 2D&3D.


There is a variety of materials that you can choose from to make a pos display, like corrugate, metal, wire, acrylic or plastic PET.

Each material differs in cost, features and application. We would suggest corrugated display for short run and fast turn around.


Display cost can vary from $5/each to $15/each depending on your required timeline.

If it is small quantity like under 100 displays, we would recommend do digital print to save time.


Quantity is alway worth talking in printing and packaging industry. 

There are upfront cost for a retail display project, printing plate, pasting, diecutting plate, which we also call it tooling charge.

Take for example, the printing plate of a 1620*1210mm sized prints which cost $276. 

Shared unit cost of print will be $2.76 for 100pcs, and $0.276 for a 1000pcs order. Fact is the same to other production procedures.

Quantity makes big difference.

How to pack

How you wish to deliver your corrugated display makes an impact on cost at factory end. 

1. You can have pop displays assembled in our factory and consolidate with your products. This way the packing volumn will be the biggest.

However it saves great labour cost when displays arrive at destination.

2. Most of the case customers require pos display to be knock-down-off flat packed.

This way will require shop associate to set up the display stands in store. 

Cost is in between compared to the other two.

3. Pack by components onto pallets. If you have a packaging center in your local country, then this way will fit you best. 

The packing cost is minimum at factory end, using least of packing material.

However you need to take the cost of packaging center into account.


The length of time the display will be in stores will have an impact on which type of display you select thus affect cost.

I myself have a corrugated pos display in my house which lasts for 10 years. No big surprise!

Lifespan can be designed. Talk to our experts to start your own marketing campaign journey.

7 Tips on Finding the Best Corrugate Display at an Affordable Price.

1. Industry Knowledge

You don’t have to be an industry professional. But properly wrap up your knowledge on key points can be invaluable.

Like you are in stock market, it’s quite wise to see from the ups and downs trends on the big board to guide your next move. 

So it is with cardboard material. 

Paper Cost

Once you get the trends you have the initiative to negotiate with your supplier.

When material cost goes down, you can address these information to your supplier and ask for a better price update.

While when the paper material cost goes up, your supplier will for sure inform you about it, and they can help you seize the chance to lock the cost before it really goes up.

2. In-House Designers

Have no in-house designers will lead to mass of communication difficults. 

Whenever you raise a question, a supplier without in-house designers won’t answer you on the spot.

They are uncertain about the solution to your concerns. So it is time consuming.

On the other hand, like Packwins, you will be guaranteed to get bundles of interesting design before moving to actual sample stage.

Your display designs will give your customers “aha” moments, and elevate your brand identity in the retail market.

3. Printing Capability

High quality printings enables your display sell. Print quality varies from factories and mechanics.

This is the conclusion we draw from 10+ years printing experience.

It is the first choice that you choose a manufacturer who got printing equipment, or has a fixed printing partner.

There requires a color management staff with rich experience to check color consistence and quality during the whole printing process.

One of our regular operation before printing is to have a color proof agreed by clients. If this is not the case, we will be in charge and be responsible for print quality by our own.

4. Prototyping Capability

For each new cardboard display stand, we will create a 3D design to check overall sizes and appearance. 

After that, a phisical sample will be cut and assembled to touch and feel by hands. 

Not every display company has the prototyping machine in our real business situation.

It is very important that your manufacturers can provide you with a prototype of the displays you want before mass production. 

Most clients will fill in their products to display and see if size fitness and weight bearing capacity is ok.

At Packwins, we offer free sample so that you don’t have to worry on small amount payment overseas.

5. Fulfillment Capability

If you need to assemble the display and consolidate yor products into the display before container loading and shipping, your supplier should have enough factory floor space to do that. 

Since assembled displays takes space to do that.

Or you can either choose to do assmbly in your product supplier’s factory to copack.

There are mainly 4 types of packing method for you to choose from at display factory, 

  • Fully assembled packing with products
  • Half assembled packing with products
  • Knock-down-off flat packed into master cartons
  • Flat packed by components onto pallets

You can choose any of the above, cost decrease at display factory ends, but increase at destination ends.

Contact Packwins to discuss case by case.

6. Experience

Do some research before making decision. Ask these questions to see if a display supplier worth contacting.

Is your supplier a box factory or display factory?

How long is your chosen manufacturers have been in retail display industry?

Do they have core designers with at least 10 years industrial knowledge?

A corrugated display manufacturer with years of experience and work with different companies will definetely help in your project.

7. Pay a Visit

It’s worth paying a visit to your desired corrugated display manufacturer. 

Though the COVID-19 virous is still going on, we are quite confident that people can overcome this situation and bring business and everyday life back to normal.

Or if it is impossible at this stage for you to come to China, you can have your old supplier or friends come to check.


Above are just a glance of insight in to display stand industry, the rich experience we gathered from every projects give us the confidence to work on your next case.

You need a tailored corrugated display to promote your product sales, that’s where we put our efforts. 

Feel free to share your marketing campaign target, we will work from that.

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