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You can find complete guide to Australia point of purchase display supplier here at Packwins Display. Some of them are our customers who sourcing their cardboard display request from China for a better structural design and high quality production piece, to help thousands of brands stand out from the crowd.

8 Custom Branded Point of Purchase Floor Displays Suppliers-in Australia

#1 Cardboard Display


Cardboard Displays creates and sells a fantastic selection of cardboard display stands that you can use to infuse color and life into almost any application, including your office, show booth, or point-of-sale area.

You can use our versatile selection of stands to display a range of products, samples, brochures, or anything else to give them the most obvious and noticeable exposure to your clients.

Cardboard Display provides a standing, usable template with each display unit.

Our Products:

  • Counter Displays Cardboard
  • Floor Displays Cardboard
  • Ballot Boxes Cardboard
  • Power Wings
  • Gravity Feed Floor Displays

#2 Genesis Retail Displays

Genesis logo

To provide a variety of point-of-sale display options, Genesis Retail Displays has collaborated closely with product managers, brand managers, retail operation teams, and product producers. To make it quick and simple for you to get your custom point-of-sale design made and displayed in retail, we have improved our process throughout the years.

Each project will begin with a briefing during which the scenario, item or service, objectives, spending limit, and setting in which the point of sale will operate will be discussed.

Our Products:


#3 Ampack Corrugated

ampackcorrugated logo

AMPACK was founded by Mike Hetrel and Eric Zeng. For 35 years, Michael Hetrel has collaborated with businesses to develop the best strategies for printing, distributing, and designing packaging for the global market. Eric has a thorough understanding of the various paper substrates and is well-versed in the most cutting-edge print technology for the Chinese consumer market.

The collaboration’s main strength is how easy it is to use. In China, Western knowledge is applied and directed. AMPACK is confident that its supply will meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Goods can be supplied:

  • Ex Factory
  • Free On Board to Yantian/Sekou shipping ports or Guangzhou Airport
  • To your preferred local shipping port
  • Free into Store (Australia Only)

#4 Inbox Group

A privately held family firm with more than 35 years of packaging industry expertise, Inbox Group. Making boxes has been a family business for as long as the majority of the family members can recall. The family had previously worked as packagers. We put a lot of effort into giving our customers friendly, individualized service because we are passionate about what we do. Our objectives are to deliver high-quality products on schedule and to assist our clients by offering them packaging-related solutions.

Our Products:

  • Product Packaging
  • Shelf Ready Packaging
  • Counter Displays
  • Cardboard Floor Displays

#5 Nufx Retail Fixtures


NuFX has agreements with reputable Chinese companies that enable it to make things in line with your specifications. View the video and images from the main page below for further information. In addition, we provide a number of other items in bulk, including cardboard pop-up stand, cardboard dump bins, and acrylic display stands.

Please be aware that the website’s images only give a cursory overview of what we are capable of or have achieved. Please let me know if you need any specific images or data.

Our Products:

  • Cardboard Retail Displays
  • Custom Cardboard Displays
  • Cardboard Pop-up Displays

#6 Slimline Warehouse Display Shops

slimlinewarehouse logo

We employ a ticket system to handle support inquiries and provide you with the best experience possible. Using the specific ticket number allocated to each support request, you may keep track of its progress and online answers.

We operate exclusively online yet are a genuine warehouse. We have no corporate headquarters or physical location, and there are no intermediaries to raise our pricing. Our warehouse creates and orders products of the highest caliber, which are then delivered to your door!

Our product pages and images are created to give you all the information you require to make the most suitable purchase for your requirements.

Our Products:

  • Cardboard Displays
  • Acrylic Displays
  • Educational Displays

#7 Unlimited Packaging and Display logo

Unlimited Packaging and Display has years of expertise in designing and manufacturing packaging and POS displays around the globe. With operations in Australia and Hong Kong, we are able to pool our considerable industry trust and experience. Our well-established procedures enable us to provide the global market with competitive pricing, usable design, innovation, and speed.


  • Free Standing Display Units
  • Dump Bins
  • Gondola Displays
  • Counter Top Displays
  • Pallet Display

#8 Claws Custom Boxes Pty Ltd logo

Australia’s top maker of bespoke packing boxes is Claws Custom Boxes. We manufacture several unique boxes for a variety of sectors. With the help of your brand’s logo, name, and other characteristics, our team of creative and competent specialists can create some premium packaging.

This will enhance the reputation of your company in the cutthroat industry. Our expertly crafted and distinctive bespoke box designs provide your items with an amazing appearance and help them stand out on store shelves. As a result, several goals may be fulfilled, including item storage, shipping, and distinctive item presentation.

Our Products: 

  • Cardboard Display Boxes
  • Cosmetic Display Boxes
  • Cannabis Counter Display
  • Small Counter Display Boxes


Each business is big for us, no matter you are a start up or you are a fortune 500 company. We would help you work out the most suitable solutions for you. Contact Packwins today to get your display project reviewed free of charge.

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