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Did you know that table top display stands will set your products apart from your competitors and drive sales up to 50%? Let's dig into details.
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Did you know that table top display stands will set your products apart from your competitors and drive sales up to 50%? Let’s dig into details.

You must have done a great deal before you bring a new product into retail market, function testing, marketing analysis, competitor evaluation, expected profit. All these means you’ve made a milestone efforts.

The next step is how you are going to showcase the products.

Illuminator Decor Lamps Retail Counter Display Boxes

This part will be one of the most critical part that decides on how success your promotional projects come out.

If you don’t know where to start, let’s just go with one of the simplest structure one – the table top counter display stand, which is small in size, easy to set up and customizable in graphics.

Read on for the top 4 reasons you should consider for a corrugated countertop stands.

Point of sale cardboard displays drive up sales.

Cardboard counter top displays are most often seen on check out counter, end of aisle shelves or on customer service counter.

These great locations drives the last minute purchase impulse from shoppers especially when they waiting inline.

Customization call for brand awareness.

Unlike other products packed in brown kraft boxes and stacked up on floor, customizable counter units are printed with your brand logo and unique graphics.

For the most part, brand identity and selling points are well stated on the header card of the display, which send clear signal to shoppers’ eys and brains.

Cost saving on packaging and freight.

Based on your expected display style, there are some Counter Display Units CDUs that can be designed as a shipper box during transit.

There is a dotted line in shape so that it can be a complete shipping box. When arriving at stores, shop associate can tear off along the dots and put on shelf to function as a display.

Shop associate loves them.

There might be tons of work for a shop associate to do every single day.

With a shelf ready counter display units they only have to put products on the display or even simply take out the display fully loaded with products on shelf. It’s all set.

This is also a way to save labour cost at retail shop so that cost for whole projects goes down.

Under Water Cameras Counter Corrugate Display Table

Where to use and how to get a counter display project done?

Places that you can go with a counter top cardbord display,

  • Big club stores check out counter,
  • retail chain stores,
  • pharmacies,
  • grocery stores,
  • gas stations,
  • convenience stores
  • drug stores

From bottled items, boxed products to plush toys even to round balls, a counter top display help selling your product to selling more.

If you’ve got an idea or you need an idea, Packwins can bring it to reality and you start with the rocket selling. Drop us an email or grab a call +86 15012798227 for a free project review today.

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