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Tailor design a POS POP corrugated display can be really tricky if you start from the scratch. At this point it is vital to find a reliable industrial designer with manufacturing capability. No matter which location you are currenly in, we have a guide for your reference so that you can get in touch with them to work your project out.

Best 10 POS POP corrugate displays in-the-world

#1 Packwins Display Limited

Packwins Display Limited LOGO

Since 2009, the Chinese startup Packwins has been creating personalized promotional products including cardboard displays and retail items. They are professionals at creating displays and packaging for last-minute sales in a variety of sectors, including the toy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and convenience store industries.

Whether it’s for a little boutique showing or one of the top brand merchants in the world, our staff is committed to assisting you in the success of your upcoming project!

These display design ideas enable a variety of clients to find fantastic offers and make savings in the marketplace.

#2 Meridian Display and Merchandising

Cardboard Display M Logo

“The peak point of growth, the pinnacle” is how Meridian is described. We work hard to live up to the standards implied by our name.

Our clientele includes Fortune 500 firms, big merchants, and tiny “mom and pop” enterprises. The success of Meridian Display extends beyond strong displays. Our primary competitive advantage, according to a customer study by RSM McGladrey, is our timeliness and customer service.

From pre-made to personalized displays…

Your needs can be satisfied by Meridian Display. Within your timeframe and price range, our structural and graphic designers can create a distinctive display for your product.

#3 Displaypak

The wide variety of displays offered by Displaypak ensures that our customers have access to the very newest and finest in display retail marketing innovation, from the most basic leaflet dispenser to the most inventive patented POS/POP systems.

To keep expenses to a minimum and guarantee in-store compliance, the Displaypak in-house Design Teams develop solutions by modifying carefully chosen stock displays. We can offer a bespoke design solution service for all other requirements if a standard is not the solution.

#4 DS Smith


In the world, DS Smith is a top supplier of environmentally friendly paper goods, packaging solutions, and recycling services. Our organization, as well as our services and areas of competence, have developed significantly during the last 80 years.

Our narrative begins with the box-making company that the Smith Family established in East London during the 1940s. We developed a reputation for high-caliber engineering and a commitment to our clients over the course of the following fifty years. We expanded our skills along with our size by adding papermaking and recycling, allowing us to see our clients’ problems holistically rather than in isolation.

#5 Envoprint

Inventive. Customer oriented We can provide you with distinctive display stands, packing options, and personalized envelopes to help you “Stand Out from the Crowd.” tailored to meet your requirements.

Here are some exact excerpts from various third-party reviews found on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and that have not been edited:

They spent time getting to know us and our needs, and they were very thorough and attentive to make sure the envelope was manufactured according to our desired specifications. We are thrilled with the goods and wouldn’t think twice about referring them to other charities and companies.

#6 Bay Cities


Good goods are packaged and shown in Bay Cities. The largest name brands in the world are transported by our team of designers, manufacturers, sales specialists, and logistics experts from the factory to the store floor or the customer’s door with immaculate quality and seamless end-to-end integration. Our expertise is supported by our more than 60 years of experience. We use cutting-edge innovation, technology, and market research to produce packaging and displays that appeal to 21st-century consumers both offline and online.

See a box with your name on it? We are that! At the point of purchase, can augmented reality be experienced?



The importance of POS is undeniable since, according to a POPAI report, 76% of purchase choices are made there. As a result, it has developed into a potent sales tool for your goods. However, in the face of numerous advertising opportunities, your items will only stand out by way of customized, lovely, and cleverly produced POS/POP displays, from design to manufacture.

Aliage PLV has over 20 years of experience in retail marketing and has established itself as a key player to support you in your multi-material POS/POP projects.

#8 Tokinomo


A group of seasoned advertising professionals with years of combined experience founded Tokinomo. After years of working with well-known companies like P&G, Nivea, Vodafone, and others, they came to the conclusion that the retail industry is dealing with a more serious issue: although digital marketing is fast developing, in-store marketing is still ineffective and outmoded.

However, straightforward issues don’t always have straightforward answers, which is why we’ve assembled some of the best marketing, engineering, and software development minds. Tokinomo is the end consequence of this effort. Additionally, in order to keep things straightforward, we gave it the name “talking and moving,” which perfectly captures what it helps products do.

#9 Smurfit Kappa


Smurfit Kappa, a FTSE 100 firm with operations in 23 European and 13 American nations, is one of the world’s top suppliers of paper-based packaging.

For our customers, our knowledge and skills open up new possibilities, and we are always upgrading our pack designs and innovations to offer the best selection of packaging materials.

Consistency is a hallmark of all of our goods since we acquire almost all of the raw ingredients from our own paper mills. We assist our clients in lowering their environmental impact because those items are created sustainably and use 100% renewable resources.

#10 Weedon Group


Offering the best end-to-end point-of-sale display and corrugated packaging solutions for all of your company’s needs.

With a focus on the own label market, in particular, i2i Europe brings together a distinctive fusion of creative, packaging engineering, and retail knowledge.

With all of our internal services, we offer thorough project control:

  • original artwork,
  • manufacturing services,
  • and visual and structural design
  • managing reproductions and prints


We collaborate with many brand owners and the majority of the major UK retailers, so we have first-hand knowledge of their unique requirements.

Along with Weedon PSC, we have a physical location in Hednesford, Staffordshire, and a branch office nearby in London.


If above companies mentioned are still out of your reach, contact Packwins directly for a fast, professional, obligation free display job review. We are knee to help and guide you through every process to have a customized brand new display from prototyping to dropshipping.

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