Best 5 Cardboard Carton Stands Display Wholesale Suppliers in China

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China is home to creative design and manufacturing in the retail point of purchase corrugated display industry. This is especially true when most of the consumer goods are manufactured here in China.
Before you make the next move, let Packwins Display guide you through the top trusted pos display supplier from China.

Best 5 Cardboard Carton Stands Display Wholesale Suppliers in China

#1 Packwins Display Limited

Packwins Display Limited LOGO

At Packwins Display, we specialize in innovative Point-of-Purchase Displays which will enhance your brand identity and promote sales. Our experienced designers are dedicated to save your cost while not compromising quality and effects, and most of them have been in display industry for almost 10 years.  All these make us stand out from the crowd.

Main display product ranges below,

#2 Shenzhen Meiya Display CO., LTD


Their business, which specializes in different sorts of cardboard displays, was founded in 2005. With an area of 10,000 square meters and a team of over 200 highly qualified individuals, we continually maintain a high manufacturing output to fulfill the rapidly increasing demand from clients all over the world. Since our founding, providing consumers with high-quality service has been a corporate policy.

A company’s products are always guarded by cardboard displays, so every effort should be made to catch the attention of customers right away. We provide a one-stop service that includes custom design, a comprehensive cardboard display solution tailored to each customer’s needs, manufacturing, and shipping.

  • Cardboard Floor Displays
  • Counter Top Display Stands
  • Hook Display Stand
  • Dump Bin Display
  • Cardboard Pallet Display

#3 Guang Li Paper Pdts. Ltd

GL Cardboard Display Logo

An integrated Hong Kong-funded business with a focus on creating and producing various paper goods and display units is Guang Li Paper Products Limited.

Guang Li has worked with businesses for more than 20 years to design and create corrugated display units for marketing purposes. Help our customers’ promotional campaigns succeed by combining our own factory with a team of knowledgeable and innovative advisors.

  • Floor Stand Displays / FSDU
  • Dump-bins
  • Counter Tops / PDQ
  • Hanging Strips / Sidekicks
  • Pallet Displays
  • Standees

#4 HIC Display

Cardboard display stands, paper displays, corrugated displays, counter top displays, supermarket pallet displays, and other paper goods are all produced, supplied, and exported by HIC DISPLAY. To satisfy the needs of retail stores and supermarkets in international marketing, we are one of the top manufacturers producing supermarket cardboard displays and store display solutions.

We have extensive technical know-how, extensive exporting experience, and expert recognition in the cardboard display industry. We have worked with many well-known brand customers, including Wal-Mart, Disney, Sam’s Club, M&M’S, and others.

Our business has a skilled technical staff and cutting-edge manufacturing equipment to produce clients with high-quality paper machines.

  • Cardboard standee

#5 Holidaypac

For printing projects, retail display cases, and POP solutions, more than 20 years. A complete and skilled maker of retail displays is Holiday display-stands-factory. Planning, designing, printing, packaging, displaying, transport, warehousing, and marketing are all included in our one-stop service. We offer a one-stop POP Solution regardless of store size or quantity.

  • Floor Displays
  • Counter Displays
  • Pallet Displays
  • Hook Displays
  • Dump Bins
  • Standee Display


Each case is individual, the key to success is to talk to a trusted supplier who has been in the retail pop display industry for years.

You might as well contact Packwins Display to have an alternative choice on offshore manufacturing. You will get great results from that.

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