Best 6 Custom Branded Cardboard Point of Purchase Displays suppliers Australia

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Retailers and brand managers nowadays apply point of purchase cardboard display stands to keep the display and products well organised. This could also bring an atmonsphere of high quality of the product.
Shoppers get easy access to your products guarantees a high basket rate and thus increase your retail sales. That’s why every brand managers are seeking to pride their retailers on displays and display designing skills to help all customers with the success of their products.

Best 6 Custom Branded Cardboard Point of Purchase Displays suppliers Australia

#1 Cardboard Display


With the fantastic selection of cardboard display stands that Cardboard Displays develops and sells, you can bring color and vitality to your point of sale area, office, show stand, or nearly any other usage.

To give them the most obvious and noticeable exposure to your clients, you may display a variety of products, samples, brochures, or anything else using our flexible array of stands.

Every display unit at Cardboard Display comes with a standing, usable template.

  • Counter Displays Cardboard
  • Floor Displays Cardboard
  • Ballot Boxes Cardboard
  • Power Wings
  • Gravity Feed Floor Displays

#2 Genesis Retail Displays

Genesis logo

Genesis Retail Displays has worked closely with product managers, brand managers, retail operation teams, and product producers to offer a range of point-of-sale display choices. Over the years, we have refined our custom point-of-sale design procedure to make it quick and easy for you to get your pos created and displayed in retail.

Every project will start with a briefing where the scenario, product or service, goals, budget, and environment the point of sale will operate in will be covered.


#3 Ampack Corrugated

ampackcorrugated logo

Eric Zeng and Mike Hetrel established AMPACK. Michael Hetrel has worked with companies to create the finest plans for packaging design, printing, and distribution for the worldwide market for 35 years. Eric is well-versed in the most modern print technologies for the consumer market in China and has a broad grasp of the various paper substrates.

The simplicity of the collaboration is its greatest asset. Western knowledge is applied and directed in China. AMPACK is certain that its supply will satisfy customers’ needs or exceed their expectations.

Goods can be supplied:

  • Ex Factory
  • Free On Board to Yantian/Sekou shipping ports or Guangzhou Airport
  • To your preferred local shipping port
  • Free into Store (Australia Only)

#4 Inbox Group

Inbox Group is a privately held family business with more than 35 years of experience in the packaging sector. Since most of the family members can remember, making boxes has been a family business. The family’s previous occupation was that of a packager. We are passionate about what we do and work hard to provide our customers with a warm, individualized service. Our goals are to meet deadlines for the delivery of high-quality goods and to help our clients by providing them with packaging-related solutions.

  • Product Packaging
  • Shelf Ready Packaging
  • Counter Displays
  • Cardboard Floor Displays

#5 Nufx Retail Fixtures


NuFX can produce goods in accordance with your demands thanks to partnerships with respected Chinese businesses. For further details, see the main page’s video and photographs below. We also offer a variety of other products in large quantities, such as cardboard pop-up stands, cardboard dump bins, and acrylic display stands.

Please be aware that the images on the website only provide a brief overview of what we can or have accomplished. If you require any specific images or data, kindly let me know.

  • Cardboard Retail Displays
  • Custom Cardboard Displays
  • Cardboard Pop-up Displays

#6 Slimline Warehouse Display Shops

slimlinewarehouse logo

To manage assistance requests and provide you the best experience possible, we use a ticket system. You may track the status and online responses for each support request using the unique ticket number assigned to it.

We are a real warehouse that just works online. We don’t have a corporate office or a storefront, and there are no middlemen to drive up our prices. High-quality and affordable products are created and ordered, then delivered right to your door from our warehouse!

Our product pages and images are designed to provide you with all the details you need to make the best purchase possible for your needs.

  • Cardboard Displays
  • Acrylic Displays
  • Educational Displays


With these simple and easy to access local industry designer and manufactuer you will get hassle free suggestions and even free 2D 3D display mockups, to narrow down your choice and make your decision correctly and promptly.Or even if you can share your product packaging details to Packwins Display to find the possibility to source offshore with great flexibility and bulk production advantages.

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