Best 7 Cardboard Grocery Store Displays Suppliers Europe

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Cardboard displays are inevitable promotional products in contemporary marketing. These retail cardboard display stands are often seen at major club stores, pharmacy etc.

Point of sale (or point of purchase) displays are an integral tool for your retail environment to drive customer engagement and showcase your products. Here is a lists of Cardboard Grocery Store Displays Suppliers Europe.

Best 7 Cardboard Grocery Store Displays Suppliers Europe

#1 Print Gruppo

In today’s marketing, promotional materials like cardboard displays are unavoidable. They are used at stores, malls, and trade shows to promote products.

Our large-format offset machines provide the answer if you require cardboard displays in larger quantities or on a regular basis.


  • Cardboard displays
  • POS – Standard Solution
  • POS – Cardboard


Have you ever considered what to do with temporary shop displays if they don’t function as expected or if they become obsolete?


These aren’t questions any more thanks to cardboard display stands! Temporary cardboard displays are a cost-effective way to keep your retail store current with the newest holidays and seasonal trends while also effectively boosting sales.


  • Cardboard displays

#3 Drukarnia Designer Online

We are able to deliver an online service offer that is especially suited to the demands of our Clients since we continuously analyze the market and its requirements. As a consequence of our investments in more advanced technology and equipment, we were able to remove the middleman from the order fulfillment process, which improved the quality of our services and led to shorter turnaround times and lower service costs.

A highly sophisticated online quotation system can provide you with a quote for even non-standard products in a matter of seconds, saving you valuable time.

#4 Knappe + Lehbrink Promotion GmbH

Hersteller Knappe + Lehbrink Promotion GmbH, Fullservice POS-Display

The Knappe + Lehbrink Promotion GmbH sets brands in action at the point of sale in a personalized, imaginative, and expert manner. Established in 1996, the company now has over 110 employees. Oliver Lehbrink and Simone Knappe make up the management team.

Strong sales promotion strategies are developed and produced at the Bünde location in the areas of displays and packaging made of paper and cardboard as well as fabric advertising (banners, flags, and pallet hussen). They frequently produce “wow” effects in the marketplace and receive awards every year.


  • Cardboard displays
  • POS displays
  • Counter displays
  • Pallet displays
  • Floor displays


With over 30 years of experience, Dakota Group S.a.S. produces plastic materials for the construction industry, including roof accessories (PVC Gutters), leveling and spacing systems for tile installation, and supports for external raised floors. Products for the collection of drainwaters include channel, catch-pits, gully traps, gratings, etc.

Dakota is a family-run business that was founded in the early 1980s with a focus on producing plastic materials for the construction sector. At the start of the 1990s, Dakota had its own commercial network throughout Italy.

Then, beginning in 1999, Dakota began to enlarge its offices and warehouse and established subsidiaries in Romania, Spain, and Portugal.


  • Self-standing display for channels
  • Self-standing display for windows
  • Panel Display Hatches


Three generations ago, in 1948, a small carpentry shop in the countryside of southern Vicenza produced toys and cabinets for record players and radios.

Its success has always been attributed to its passion, devotion, new ideas, and quality.

In the 1970s, metalworking was incorporated into woodworking, cataloguing toys, camping gear, and medical accessories as well as selling them on international markets.


  • Metal floor displays
  • Cardboard floor displays
  • Wooden floor displays
  • Special Projects
  • Technologies
  • Metal countertop displays
  • Cardboard countertop displays

#7 Quad Europe

Quad Europe is a subsidiary of Quad, a global marketing solutions provider with headquarters in the United States that is committed to improving the lives of its clients by utilizing an integrated, data-driven marketing platform. We offer services in marketing management, media solutions, creative solutions, and marketing strategy. With a focus on the needs of the client, cutting-edge technology, and ease of a single source, we have the skills and resources to assist in a variety of industries.

For a wide range of clients, Quad Europe also offers print and related multichannel solutions for publications such as magazines, catalogs, retail inserts, special interest publications, direct mail, packaging, and point-of-sale displays (POSM).




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