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United Kingdom is one of the big market for retail pop cardboard display. Brand owners and retail managers are keen for an eye-catching, attention-grabing pos corrugated display in each campaign.
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United Kingdom is one of the big market for retail pop cardboard display. Brand owners and retail managers are keen for an eye-catching, attention-grabing pos corrugated display in each campaign.

There are lots of upstreaming point of purchase display manufacturers in UK, who take pride in creating striking display stands, FSDUs, boxes that drive sales and make the compulse buy.

Some of them have years of experience working with all forms of cardboard display types, and ensure those displays carry the right message and make customers’ brands stand out from the crowd.

DDP Workshop Ltd


DDP Workshop Ltd is versatile in retail display materials, like acrylic, wooden, metal, among which corrugated pos displays are the most flexible one.

DDP can supply both artwork and structural design to match customers’ needs. They can either bring customer’s design into reality or create a suitable design to wow their retail shoppers.

Promotional Point of Purchase Corrugated Displays help brand ownders drive customers awareness and attention then ultimately drive sales and profit, elevate brand identity.

Cardboard display stands lasts long than you can imagine in-house. Under proper use and in the right environment cardboard display can lasts for years which bring very economical and cost effective, high return on investment.

Frequently designed and manufactured display types from DDP Workshop includes,

The Cardboard Box Company


At The Cardboard Box Company they answer questions and solve problems including,

  • Any questions on the best methods in packaging?
  • How to protect products in transit?
  • What is the most suitable choices around printing and branding?
  • How to reduce costs by using better design?

They solve questions that customers and brand owners facing in daily work. A lot of case studies and project reviews are available from their site, so that you feel more relex when looking for the most cost effective retail solution both to your product packaging and pos displays.

The company features their design and production capability on,

  • Unique low cost solutions
  • Bring your ideas to life
  • Flexible in its application

Stand Store UK


Stand Store UK is a retail display company with lots of stock display types. These are facilitate for quick delivery with standard sized design.

They help maximise sales of your products and services with a wide range of stock and bespoke display stands.

Retail display ranges below,

  • Greeting Card Stands
  • Business Card Stands
  • Keyring Stands
  • Book Display Stands
  • DVD Display Stands
  • CD Display Stands
  • Giftwrap Display Stands
  • Menu Holders
  • Newspaper Stands

Printdesigns Limited


Printdesigns Limited specialise in the design, print and supply of portable display stands, advertising displays, and other exhibition and event products and accessories.

Their retail display solution services including,

  • Print produced in-house at UK
  • Quick reaction to customer request and fast turnaround production time
  • Customer service are also with lighting speed on feedback

Some of their sales generating retail cardboard display types includes,

  • Cardboard Display Cube Tower
  • Heavy Duty CardBoard FSDU
  • Cardboard Toblerone Display
  • Cardboard Monolith Display
  • Rounded Cardboard Christmas Tree Display
  • Cardboard Christmas Tree Display
  • Folding Cardboard Totem Display Stands
  • Lifesize Cardboard Cut Outs
  • ECO Banner Stand
  • Printed Cardboard Display Cubes
  • Pallet Skirts

WH Skinner


Cardboard Display WH

At WH Skinner, the company’s ethic focus is on Sustainable Choice. So they design everything starting from recycle and reuse, environmentally friendly.

From design concept through to delivery, their team will keep you informed and updated on the progress of your order.

Their services cover from packaging to displays, and make your cardboard dream come true.

  • Cardboard Counter Displays
  • Standees and Strut Cards
  • Free Standing Display Units
  • Cardboard Recycling and Dump Bins
  • Cardboard Display Cubes and Totems
  • Ballot and Suggestion Boxes
  • Charity Collection Boxes
  • Leaflet Holders Brochure Holders Magazine Holders

Packwins Display Limited


Packwins Display Limited LOGO

Packwins Display Limited is one of China’s leading manufacturers of point of purchase cardboard displays, cardboard cutout standees, cupcake stands, and trolley expoboxes.

Packwins has grown consistently over 10-year history based on the tenements of quality and service. We are dedicated to providing our customers with what they require fast and on budget. The whole company puts our client’s and their projects firmly at the center of everything we stand for. At packwins it’s A win win solution!

Packwins’ comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Design and manufacturing of cardboard Display Point of Purchase Displays
  • Corrugate Displays
  • POP Displays
  • FSDU Floor Displays
  • Dump bins
  • Cutout Standees
  • Counter displays
  • Trolley Expoboxes
  • Cupcake Stands
  • Totem Popup Lama

Their services are,

  • No obligation quote
  • 1-3 days sample lead time
  • Quality assured. ISO,SGS approved.


No matter what brand identity stage you are at, you can always find a way to generate and upscale your sales revenue from a point of purchase cardboard display.

Your products will stand out from the crowd and concentrate shoppers attention when they walk into a retail store.

Current display market, 2D, 3D design is free, quote is no obligation, and customers are kept posted on each production process from printing, pasting, diecutting to packing by photos and videos sent from manufacturers like Packwins.

Drop your next project and get an instant quote now!

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