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Have you been feed up of folding back and forth in order to assemble a point of purchase cardboard display? Have you been overwhelmed by the labour cost on retail stores that need to assemble a display? The answer couldn’t be NO!

A problem come and a solution out! Yes you are right! And you might also aware that cardboard display assembly changes are going on, we’d much say it is advancing or upgrading.

Today we shall take a tour to see the 3 prominent stages on display assembly.

Junior-Folding back and forth.

Starting from the year 2000 when Cardboard Display company first appears on the world, this type of assembly structure came, and lasting till nowadays.

One of its biggest reason why this works for so long is that its production process is simple. Just diecut into shape, and need almost no rest steps of pasting before shipping.

This fast production pace matches well with the emergy marketing requirements for cardboard displays.

Well, as more and more displays going into retail market, the labour cost increases and becomes a prominent cost. So this drives the display designers and manufacturers to work out a better and faster assembly solution.

Vantage-Hook with a shelf lock.

Seen from this video, there is no need to fold the shelf flaps back and forth to form the displays. Easily slot the female shelf clip into the male clip and that all for the assembly of shelves.

As we did a survey and testing, the fastest speed to set up a display with shelf clip is 3mins, shortening almost 4 times than that of the first one.

Regarding shelf weight bearing capacity, it is flexible of course. For goods like potato chips or other light weight items, using 3 layered corrugated board is enough.

If it is heavy items like 5-20kg per shelf, there are mainly 2 ways to design the weight bearing, one is to add shelf pads so that the shelves won’t sunken like a bag.

Also the shelves can be protected by metal bars or steel tubes. Either way or both can be applied.

Higher-Snap lock.

Have you ever imagine in just 11 seconds your cardboard display shelves will be up and ready for your marketing campaign or any of your promotional activities.

This 3rd generation display structure saves money over time by reducing labour cost at retail stores.

Just like its name suggests, this perfect Snap Lock cardboard display have tuck top features that allow retailers to pull it out from master cartons and pull these into shape as soon as possible .

In this video we just made a white demo to show its structure and how simple it is to be assembled. As for custom graphic design, your personalized artwork is welcome and without extra cost.

You are sure to have your own display with a unique look per your preferences.

As for material and weight bearing capacity, it can be pre-designed based on different products, your product unit weight, dimensions or diameters. The display is made from durable corrugated cardboard.

What’s next?

To think big and wide, in the near future, we shall working toward a midway solution that are both easy to manufacturer and set up at point of purchase.

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