Swingshot-Cardboard Display With A Video Screen

Cardboard Display POP with Video Screen

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We get to know SWINGSHOT back in the fall of 2014. They are doing great since then on Amazon and other B2C online plat forms.

To gain a larger market share for their Cyclops™ sports training cameras, they tend to us for a point of purchase cardboard display to drive impulse sales offline in retail stores.

Swingshot send their demonstration video via wetransfer and a link through youtube for us to study and analyze what types of display suit them best.

1. Understand their product

Sometimes customer ship their product from abroad or ship directly from their product factory from China to us for better dimension and wegith measurement. This is the priority choice for us.

However it’s not a big deal if our designer cannot touch and feel your product sample(s) by hand, we can do the packages boxes of the same size.

For this golf video camaera, the box diameter being adviced was W5”xD5”xH15”, and weigh 11lbs each.

Besides the packaging details, customer have a footprint of 15*15” to place this display at the end of aisle.

2. Generate ideas and display rendering

Design team of Packwins was able to fully understand customer’s requirement after initial discussion via a phone call meeting at 10:00PM GST-8.

It is a camera product itself, so if there is a video LCD screen on top of the products to loop the demonstration video, that would greatly catch shopper’s interest and drive impulse buying.

Soon several display renderings were created after the talk and these designs were presented to customer with detailed dimensions, with where to place the screen video.

After customer narrow down the selections from a few designs, we immediately get down to generate a dieline to facilitate customer to laid their own branding of artwork design.

3. Full tested before shipping

Thanks to the design team, we are able to get the right sample down within 3 days after we get the artwork via wetransfer.

Before every sample shipping, we shall have the whole display assembled to check structure. And especially this display is with a video screen, so we will check if the SD card and video player works well.

Here below we took a recorder for testing of the display and screen. The screen has been pre-set to plug and play, just as simple as that!

This sample is now ready to be couried to customer’s office for review.

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