Custom Corrugated FSDU Displays

FSDU displays are also called Free Standing Display Units, or FSU. This is a quite widely used point of purchase display type in retail market to promote a new product or generate more sales of an existing product.

Packwins Display Limited help customers work out complete new solutions tailored exactly for your own products. Cusomters review and choose among them.

Table of Contents (Guide to Custom FSDU Displays)

General Applications For Cardboard FSDU Displays

Corrugated cardboard free standing display units are often used to display promotional items in retail stores. Because of its diverse display type, it can be with shelves or hooks or both to store your products and catch traffic stop by its unique graphic.

POS FSDU Display Types

Free standing display are off-the-shelf displays that are standalone and have its own space to catch shopper’s attention in retail stores. Packwins cares for all the differences so that customers sleep at easy.

Packnwood Paper Tableware Point Of Purchase Display Design

Floor Shelves

Hard to ignore when designed properly. It is critical to work with a professional design and manufacturing factory to choose the right corrugate material and accessories when you need a new design for your promotional FSDU display. We work with customer to find the right weight bearing solutions.

Fruit Juices Pos Pop Marketing Corrugated Tower Display Stand

Tower Display

If there is only a small space you can show up your products, then a tower display would work perfect for you. Though it is slim, the base structure can hold all the weight and keep the display steady.

With Metal Hooks To Hang Heavy Duty Items Pegboard Retail Display

Hooks Display

Depend on your product unit package styple, hook displays work smart with polybagged or carded items. It is super easy to refill stock. Also hooks can be adjust position depends on product packaging sizes.

2 Shelves Bbq Grill Covers Point Of Purchase Display

Trapezoid Display

If your product is heavy in weight, then a trapezoid or ladder display would be one of the best choice. The base structure has a very good weight bearing capacity.

Wanna a complete range?

There are more than 300 items in this catalog, you can leave us you email here and our experienced engineer will contact with you within 24 hours.

Estimated Cost Analysis For POS FSDU Displays

Cost of a POS FSDU Display at manufacturer end can be break down into raw material and production cost. While at buyer’s ends, there are also shipping cost and tax factors to consider at landed cost. Kitting cost are something inbetween depends on where the displays are assembled.


Paper material cost - $800/T

Paper raw material price fluctuates from around $500/T in 2008 to $1200/T last year in 2021. For each display, the cost of paper depends mainly on the area of paper used. We design to maximize weight bearing capacity while minimize the amount paper used.


Printing cost - $0.3-1.5/print

Printing is very much a fixed cost. Assuming one KBA printing machine runs 24 hours a day with very stable running speed and skilled workman, the everage cost varies depend on sheet size from $0.3-1.5 per print.


Paper mounting and diecutting cost- $0.02-0.25/sheet

Besides the paper mounting and diecutting unit cost for each paper sheet, there will be a tooling cost for each cutting table at $25. Shared tooling cost lower down when quantity increases. This is the reason why most manufacturers welcome large qty.


Packing cost- $0-$2.5

There are 2 main types of packing for a corrugate pallet display depending on where and how the displays be assembled. Economic at manufacturer end is KDF (knock down off) flat packed onto pallets, or full assembled&consolidate with products.


Freight and shipping cost - $0.1-$3.5

Shipiping cost is the most uncontrollalble factor since COVID-19 broke out in 2020. Other than that we have find practical solutions to save shipping space and cut cost down. This need to be discussed case by case. Current average shipping cost would be $0.1-$3.5 2023.

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Here at Packwins we strive to minimize steps for a complete customized corrugate display order. From startup sketch design through prototyping, production and shipping. Each step shall be carried out under guidelines inhouse or brands&club stores’ standards.

Step 1: Idea Generate (1-2 days)

If you have or need a concept, we can assist you in making it a reality. We will walk you through and nail down the crucial variables to facilitate structural design by interacting with our experienced designer.

Pallet Display Order Step cardboard-display-design

Step 2: Prototyping (1-2 days)

If you’re okay with the design, we’ll create a tangible sample. Before proceeding into large production, feel the sample with your hands. Particularly for a new client or project. This step helps save time and avoid issues at the first stage.

Pallet Display Order Step Cutting-Table-for-POS-Display

Step 3: Get Raw Material (1-3 days)

Once display structure and printing artwork been aproved by customer after reviewing sample, we shall issue PI for downpayment and start to prepare raw materials. Rolls for printing and corrugate core plate should be cut into size before production.

Pallet Display Order Step raw-material

Step 4: Bulk Manufacturing (7-15 days)

As everything been  nailed down and materials getting prepared, we start production from printing. Each sheet shall go through surface treating, paper mounting, diecutting, pasting and packing. Photos or videos shall be taken for customers to let you sleep at ease.

Pallet Display Order Step production

Step 5: Shipping (12-28 days)

Bookings be made in advance of the completion of the production. Air freight and maritime freight have different transit times. We’ll go over each case individually.

Pallet Display Order Step shipping

Want to know how to compress lead times?

In case you have an urgent order that need to be fulfilled less than our regular lead time, let’s discuss it here. There are alternative printing methods to offset, ie digital print direct to corrugate, and cut by laser cutting machine. Any thing is possible here.

The Basic Knowledge About POS FSDU Display

While product and price point are important factors in any brand’s success, we help many brands achieve high sell-through percentages with packaging and pallet displays year after year — we’re part of a successful combo.

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

A variable factors in communication and execution can bring corrugate pallet display to be a failure. At Packwins we have taken notes on nagative factors from among the industry to avoid any in our practice so that clients like you sleep at ease.

One of the crucial failure for a corrugate pallet display case in Cardboard Display industry we have heard about in the last 10 years was weight bearing capacity issue. This occurs ofen because of miscommunication and incorrect flute direction used when doing paper mounting.

Color consistence is another aspect that all brands and retailors care about. This is quite a technical part in printing. 2 main reasons that leads to color inconsistence. One is due to carelessness of printer who mistakenly ignored one or 2 colors, the other one is lack the ability.

Maintaining displays after drop shipping is as much important as the display design itself. Like the case in above second one, the curved shape came off from the main body. This can be done simply by shopkeepers to refill or check if every parts are in good condition. That won’t cost any extra penny. 

Design of packing is vital during shipping. Taken all the parts for a single display into consideration, and stock height in the container properly so that no carton be crushed.

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose Packwins?

Packwins is a structrual design, manufacturing and trading combo in point of purchase display industry. The key to our success in the early stage is design. Nearly every manufacturer can do with a box, but only a few can create a display with robust structure.

Play Video about Packwins-Team-Customer-Service-Meeting

Packwins understands the paper industry from a sustainable development view.  We respect the nature and environment and have a deep knowledge on paper material costing. This helps us keep our clients’ cost down. 

  1. Consultative, understanding retail.
  2. Creative, award-winning structural design
  3. Great action, reliable in printing, manufacturing.
  4. Care for customers opinion, quick answer to client’s request.

We like to be involved in the early design stage of a pos pallet display. This way we both on the same line and gets 100% guarantee that what we’ve done meets up all your expectation.

The FAQs About POS FSDU Display

Customers are free to ask questions online, via email, since you are always be back up by a professional team at Packwins. Here below are some of the frequently asked questions to clear out your concerns and doubts.

  • Have no idea? 
    Simply give us spec of your product. We can create packaging and display for you from scratch. You can review by digital designed prototype, and touch by hands with physical samples.
  • Have an idea?
    That’s great! Our design team shall bring your idea into reality. Most often we need to improve the strctural design from clients to ensure its functionality and asthetics.


Packwins has quite sophisticated workers doing printing, diecutting, pasting and packing for pallet displays. Strcture design is done in-house. Graphic design can also be provided upon request.

Euro (ISO O) Standard Pallet Sizes (cm)

  • Full pallet: 80 by 120
  • 1/2 half pallet: 80 by 60
  • 1/4 quarter pallet: 60/40

American Standard Pallet Sizes (inch)

  • 45-48″W x 40”D
  • 48”W x 20”D
  • 24”W x 20”D


And we welcome you to consult at any stage of your display development. From early stage we shall created display rendering with different options for you to choose from. Strcture design shall be based on your product and product packaging features.

  • 1-3 days
  • 9-12 days
  • 15-20 days


  • Digital printing there is no tooling, so that no tooling charge at all. We print direct to corrugate for a fast turnaround time 1-2 days.
  • Offset printing there should be tooling or diecutting mold, but we won’t add extra cost in quote, since this tooling helps bring average cost down.
  • The best and safest to pay is via Telegraphic Transfer.
  • Alternatively we accept paypal, westunion, credit card.


Packing method shall be taking into consideration during the early structure design stage to save shipping pace and cost. 

We can find competitive shipping rates and advice in the quote if you don’t have a shipping agent, or simply you would like to compare rates.