Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) – What It Does and When to Use It

If you already have an idea or if you need an idea, our designers could help. We've got a vast cardboard display development experience that we can get your project reviewed accurately and promptly.
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Designers at Packwins Display are striving to understand shopper behaviours and how their decisions are influenced by available information they get in store. And we apply these knowledge we get from the study to generate ideas and design point of purchse displays to help our customers increase sell-through rate.

Starting from 2004, our designers have gathered over 10K cardboard display cases to summarize insights, customer expectations and end results feedback from customers, all these enable us to make sure your custom cardboard display capture all the traffic and attention it supposed to be.

All you need to do is to find the right designer and manufacturer how bring you great service starting from design to production and bring your product from good to great. We give you immediate response to every question you concerned for the job, so you can maximise the ROI from every activation.

What is a Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs)?

Free Standing Display Units which we take short for FSDUs are standalone off the shelf displays that nest products to draw consumers attention and entice buying decision at retail market. These displays are great influencer to consumers buying patterns.

Purpose: Free Standing Display Units are designed to bring your products out from the crowd thus increase visibility of your products and drive up your items sell through rate.

Unique designed display strucutre together with eye-catching graphics allow your brands to differ from other competitors and shout out to customer.

Most often a large LOGO and your product unique selling points are promimently presented on the display and stunning color arrangement also contribute to your attention grabing capability.

Material: FSDUs are made from corrugated cardboard material, lightweight at the same time strong in structure and weight bearing capacity to help the stand lasts long.

Only use corrugated material makes it possible to be recycled after the marketing phase ends.

Packing: Free-standing display units are either be knock down off flat acked into master carton for easy dropship to local stores, or can be preassembled with products. It will save shop associates time to set up the display when you choose the later packing method.

What are the features of Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs)?

  • Customizable in size and graphics
  • Easy to set up with a clear assembly guide
  • Light weight cost saving in dropshipping
  • Carry an arry of SKUs
  • Average shared cost for each product is low
  • Changeable graphics for seasonal promotions
  • Bespoke designs
  • Shelves, hooks quantity can be customized
  • Optional features like a TV commerical LCD screen
  • Base of moving wheels is an option

What are the benefits of Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs)?

  • Help consumers identify your brand
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Take up prominent places at a retail store
  • Increased product visibility
  • Call consumers attention to promotional items
  • Boost brand impact at point of sale
  • Cost down on a flat packed pos display
  • Reduce merchandising time by ship display together with stock
  • 100% recycable

Further on let’s take three of the most benefits retailers and brand owners generate from a Free Standing Display Units.


Compared to in aisle products, an off shelf FSDU prone to outperform in drawing consumers attention by 5X more as suggested in a study by Shop Association!

Imagine there are too many similar items stay inline of shelf positioned from above the ground or on to of the shelves, few are at the eye level. How can you break through from advertising?

An FSDU will work for that. Unsurprisingly, point of purchase free standing display unit is significantly more attention-grabbing than the products offered inline or in aisle.

Point of Purchase End Cap Display Stands (4)

Call to Action

Then we would like to focus on how effectively your display appeal to consumers. In this regard, the most important part is how your display is designed in structure, and how are the graphics and color quality of your display printed.

A vivid image together with short but to the point unique selling points described in bold and special fonts will also contribute to apealing your shoppers passing by.

A well designed FSDU might also create emotional connection with target audience. Like this SHAKE IT UP blender bottle FSDU. You are going to grab one and shake it up.

Blender Bottle Tumblers Floor Standing Display Units
Blender Bottle Tumblers Floor Standing Display Units

Here below is a statistics comparing products displayed in FSDU and inline of the main aisle. From different perspective we can see FSDU was outperformed nearly in every subject.

Take engagement for example, FSDU has an effective rating of 56% which is as twice effective as what aisle could offer.

Key Factors to Marketing Success Using Floorstand FSDUs.

Strcture & Graphic Design

In order to give maximum impact in retail market, a unique structure design contribute up to 50% success of a new FSDU display project.

Development tools are getting involving since we start to work on structure design using Cimpak in 2D, currently we’ve got 2D and 3D design tools like CAD, Sketchup, Artios,etc.

Customers will have more vivid display rendering before prototyping and production which is a step further to real project.

Besides structural design, graphic designs are also more dynamic than what we did before. Adopting bold image, more vivid fonts and arrangement on display header, sidepanel and shelf talker, an FSDU display is live at retail store.


The first choice is to place your FSDU display at or near the check out counter so that it becomes a point of sale display. Alternatively place them at prominent places like at the end of aisle so that it stops traffic and beat the items inline as we discussed above.

Or FSDUs could also be placed strategically placed as an add-on item. For example, put baby napkin besides Man’s Wear. (As an Australian marketer found that the majority of buyers taking babies napkin are MEN!) Another example maybe put napkin FSDU next to baby’s milk.

An FSDU always bring your products at consumer’s eye-level so that it guranteed easier and higher visibility.

Target Audience
  • What is your target audience age ranges?
  • Which gender you are targeting, man or women, or both?
  • How you break your audience by their income?

For exmaple high-end customers should focus on quality while bulk buy shopper prone to spend more time on lower priced items, so your display should be more cost-effective.

Distribution and Assembly

A fully kitted display with stocks fulfilled is easier for a shop associate to put your items on the go than a knock down off FSDU.

However no worry on this, within a KDF display there is always a very clear assembly guideline to let you successfully set up the stand easy and hassle free.

Either way works, but the key factor is a good designer and manufacturer should take care of every details in both design and production stage.

Biglots Keychain Lanyard Promotional Merchandising End Caps

Review Your Project Today

If you already have an idea or if you need an idea, our designers could help. We’ve got a vast cardboard display development experience that we can get your project reviewed accurately and promptly.

During the whole process of a new display project development, there might be many changes and adjustments both from you, your end customers, brand owners or our designer’s suggestion, there always need a professional person who can answer your concerns at the point.

Don’t hesitate to connect us and start boosting your products sales at retail.

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