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Diet Coka Gravity Fed Corrugated Pallet Display

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When you go shopping, you might find gravity fed retail displays on shelves, over the counter or hangsell onto wire racks.

Even it can be an automatic system to fill up your retail shelves with the nature gravity. Items going down or moving forward by itself after the front one is taken.

With this convience mentioned, it save a lot of time and labour during the whole marketing process for retail stores. Time is money! So it saves money as well. 

Display type of display is suitable for products both light weight and heavy.

Smaller packaged products

What products suit small gravity feed display?
Products such as candies, coffee, tea, keychain, plush toys, hand sanitizer, bath bombs & specialty items choose to exhibit and displayed in a hangsell gravity feed display box.

Does shoppers get easy access to your products?
The answer is YES! The easy of access this little box provide can be second to none. It does not take up a large footprint, only a small area hanging at the end of aisle or even at the check out counter.

How about the customized branding?
Well this small gravity feed box has a large or you can say a whole panel of graphics. Down at the bottom where the mouth open for mechandising takes up to 1/5 of the whole height.

Heavy products

To fully excert the gravity found by Newton, we can also apply this function onto a pallet display, full pallet, half pallet or quarter pallet.

Product feeds in through the top of the display and is dispensed at the bottom. This can be useful for products packed in round tins or cans that isn’t easily stackable.

Drinks like Coca cans can be displayed with a gravity feed pallet display. The bottom if this pallet display has a bin to elevator the height of cans, so that it can be easily reached by shoppers.

Size of this pallet is W48”xD20”,so inside top of the box there are dividers to seperate diet Coka’s flavours and keep the cans in order.

The mechandising line will always be a shoppable can there unless the whole pallet of Coka is sold out waiting to refill.

Diet Coka Gravity Feed Display
Diet Coka Gravity Feed Display

Beyond the display

Packwins Display offers a full range of corrugated display solutions, starting from the sketch up proto, to pitching shoppers into retail customers, we get you covered.

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