How a Manufacturer Caculate Custom POP Cardboard Display Cost

If you are a well established brand that you need to copack or display your products in big club stores, then you need a professional display factory who fully understand big box guidelines like Packwins Display. If you are a startup, you can talk to designer and factory who is willing to help you from scratch step by step, again like Packwins Display.
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Point of purchase cardboard displays are an effective way to boost your retail sales. These displays are light weight, robust in structure and are flexibile in means of packing and drop shipping.

Point of sale cardboard displays are also versatile in shapes and can be customized to your requirements so that you have a unique presense at retail market.

Materials of a cardboard display is made from corrugated cardboard to form the core strenght, and card stock for printing especially bulk order printing you can have full color 4C CMYK offset print. This can distinguish your brand from the rest of competitors.

With so much benefit gain from applying a point of purchase cardboard display, the concern many brand owners have is “How a Manufacturer Caculate Custom POP Cardboard Display Cost?”

Understanding the process from design through production to delivery involved in a customized pop display will help you get a thorough idea on what effect the quote.

In this article, let’s take a look at the tributes affecting the price of corrugated pos displays from a manufacturer’s perspective, so that you won’t get lost when you are developing a new display case.

What is your budget?

Before start dreaming up your customized corrugated display, it’s vital important to understand how much you can afford.

If you don’t have any idea on budget, try to get 3-5 quotes from different pos manufacturer. Give a brief information on what’s your product look like,

  • How they are packed
  • Product pictures
  • Unit weight
  • How large is your footprint to place the display
  • About how many items you would like to showcase in a stand
  • If you have a prefered display type, share image to them
  • How many displays to bring to market

Discuss further with cardboard display designers and manufacturers can get you a general idea on cost and budget.


It all starts from design. Before design a suitable pop cardboard display for your products, display manufacturers would like to have a brief on how much footprint place you’ve get in retail store, whether you have a fixed position like over the counter, on floor or a large area in the market place. Major design aspects for a new display project include structure and graphics.

Structure design

It means too much on cost of a display when talking to structure design. Since an experienced cardboard display structural designers would save you a ton of cost if they take production equipment extreme sizes into account.

For example, the maximum diecutting machine available in sizes 2200*1800mm, so working on all diecutting plates to fit as less as possible of knife lines. To make every part of the full plate spread with parts of the display.

This also requires the designer to join different parts together in a same dieline.

What is the cost of structure design for a pop cardboard display? Well, at Packwins, the cardboard display design and consulting process is free of charge.

Graphic design

This is an aesthetics topic as whether your potential customers will buy your efforts or not. Among all the customers and cardboard display projects we have ever gone through, clients break down into 2 major streams.

First, graphic design cost might vary from USD300 to a few thousands depend on your request and project size. Well established, world-renowld brands are tend to have their own graphic designers or in-house design teams who are fully understand their brand value, identity, company core strenght, their representative color(s). Under this way, they can bring artwork by their own.

If you would like to hold artwork by your own, you can do as such, we simply share dieline for you to laid artwork. And there will be simple guidelines concerning keyline, creasing line, cutting line, etc.

The second customer type is startups. They usually don’t require a big amount of cardboard display in quantity, and tyep even don’t have a graphic designer.

That’s not a big deal! We can also help with that. We would ask if they already have a product pacakging box been designed, if yes, share the artwork of your package box and we shall do some arrangement on the display so that you can have a display designed in accordance with your product wrap.

Or if you even don’t have a package box, then we can help start design display artwork from your LOGO! You defenitely have a logo available on hand. In this case, graphic design at Packwins Display is free of charge!


For a cardboard display manufacturer, the biggest part of cost lies in manufacturing. From sizes choice of production machine, to quantity per job, the overall cost vary case by case, however the trends is lower quantity leads to higher average cost per display unit.

Let’s dig into 4 most important factors here which impact manufacturing cost most.

POP Display Size

POP display sizes directly determine how large the production equipments a project is going to use. This sizes variations affects throughout the whole production process, let’s take printing size for example.

Here below are 3 main printing size most often used in point of purchase cardboard display printing.

Brand ModelColors Max. Paper Size CMMax. Image Area CMStarting Cost
Man RolandUltra RU 7B4120x160cm119x160cmUS$277
Man RolandR 802-64100x140cm99x140cmUS$185
Man RolandR 604 3B4+172x102cm71x102cmUS$85

Larger overall display size will have a bigger spread sheet size in printing. However at Packwins we will take every part of the display into account, and see if any smaller parts can connect together in a single printing plate so that your total cost will reduced.

Less diecutting mold also reduces shared cost.

Display Materials

No need to say corrugated cardboard is one of the cheapest material for point of purchase displays. Besides the material itself, it’s also easy in production, easy to print in full color, easy to diecut, easy to pasting and folding.

Other than that it’s light weight and can be knock down off during shipping to save a great bundle of shipping cost.

In every cardboard display, there are mainly two types of paper material to form the structure.

  • Surface paper
    This is the card stock weight from 250G/GSM (Grams per Square Meter) to 450g. For dumpbins, floor displays, pallet displays, sidekick powerwings most often used gram is 350G.
    Cost of 35G stock paper raw material cost ranges between USD538-1100/Ton
Card Stock Paper Price Packwins
  • Core corrugate paper
    This is the most important part to form the structure and strength of the cardboard display. With the corrugated wave, a cardboard display can carry as much weight as up to 40-100kg in total. We understand most people can’t believe it or if the do believe it, they actually don’t know how exactly a cardboard display could achieve this.


Economies of scale play a part in almost all business types. So does it in cardboard display cost. This is especially true for offset printing. While in digital print and flexo print, quantity does not quite affect price, since these two print quantity will be far less than offset print.

For a startup, it may require only 1 or a handful of pos cardboard displays to bring their new products into retail market, in this case it’s better to choose digital print which requires no plate and the cutting is through a prototyping machine.

The cost of 1 floor display stand usually takes USD100, 1 counter display cost takes USD50.

If it is a well established brand, then they might require like 1000sets or 15k displays made. The shared cost will dramatically reduced.

The amount you pay for your POP displays depends on how many you want. A company marketing food products may require hundreds of POP displays for every grocery store in which their products are sold. However, a company buying POP displays for their own stores may require only a handful.

Take previous floor stand, size between W400*D290*H1560MM for example,

  • 1 stand, USD100/each
  • 100 stands, USD35/each
  • 1000 stands, USD21/each
  • 10K stands, USD9.8/each

Well above cost is based on scale of quantity, display stands need to discuss case by case. Price sujects to change.


First let get down to accessories that quite often applied together with a pop cardboard display.

  • Metal bar, to carry weight
  • Plastic screws, to fasten two pieces of cardboard
  • Hooks, be it in metal or plastic, to hangsell bagged items or item with a hole to hang
  • Price strip, since eveything has a price tag, some stand needs a price strip to hold the price tag
  • Mop tray, in plastic or a cardboard one with plastic lamination, to prevent the base of display from wet
  • Wheels, if your displays need to move from one place to another higher traffic place
  • Turntable, or rotating table that customers can turning around your stand to choose whatever they want on the stand, usually it is for a hook display stand.
  • To name a few.

These accessories will have a small portion cost impact on the whole display. Again let’s discuss case by case on when and how to use these parts.

Shipping & Distribution

If you do cardboard displays in China, you will have 2 shipping lots,

  • China pos manufacturer to your destination country usually by sea.
  • Your local packaging centre to last stop of retail stores.

Different packing methods have a great impact on shiping cost. Often times this is a balance issue between shipping and packing – assembly cost.

To a pos display manufacturer, dispalys knock down off flat packed onto pallets is the most cost saving packing method. Objection denied! You simply have a pallet often cardboard pallet, 4 post corners and safety belts, shrink wrap to secure a full plallet of cardboard display parts. Then load into container and breeze ease.

Cardboard displays assembled in the pos factory or in the product factory if both factories are in China, this is often the case.

This way customers will pay consolidate fee to factories, and the shipping volumn will be tripled at least from China to your destination port.

However, after arriving at your local place, customer don’t have to pay labor cost for assembly display and consolidate goods. It’s a great saving!

The first type of display suitable for consolidate drop shipping and distribution is sidekick display. Club stores like Walmart, TJ’s, Big Lots like this very much.

But now, with the technics advancing, pallet displays, shelf ready counter display units, powerwings are always seen consolidate packing to retail stores.


If you are a well established brand that you need to copack or display your products in big club stores, then you need a professional display factory who fully understand big box guidelines like Packwins Display.

If you are a startup, you can talk to designer and factory who is willing to help you from scratch step by step, again like Packwins Display.

Drop your case briefs here, let’s develop your own custom pop cardboard display today.

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