How Brand Owners Benefit from Corrugated Displays?

You might compare and weighing from variouse retail presentation solutions, customized corrugate displays are from among the top choice which you can benefit from their advantages.
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No matter you are selling online doing e-commerce or you are set off to offline brick and mortar business, you need to find a marketing solution with high ROI. One of the most effective way to run a campaign instore is to have a bespoken point of purchase display made. Especially when you would like to introduce a new category, doing seasonal promotion, or want to clear out stock for bulk promotion.

Though you might compare and weighing from variouse retail presentation solutions, customized corrugate displays are from among the top choice which you can benefit from their advantages.

Eco Friendly

As major big club stores calling out for sustainability, retail packaging and point of purchase displays are in the arry. Cardboard display stands are one of the most environmentally friendly marketing tools compared to permanentdisplays made from metal, acrylic, wooden.

Take for example, Walmart requires by the end of 2025 that all packaging and retail displays should made from sustainable materials.

Flexible in Structure

There are a bundle of cardboard pop display styles for brand owners and marketing managers to choose from, varying from floor FSDU, pallet display, dumpbins etc to over the counter CDU displays, and even signage displays like standees and pop up totems.

Depending on the foot print size you can get in store, Packwins will customize and design from that taking other parameters into consideration like your budget, your product specs and packaging style.

High ROI with Minimum Spend

Struggling to dig deep into your pockets when considering moving into a new corrugated display project? You don’t have to do that. Corrugated material are made from pulp paper that are low in cost and high impact on environment, so that you don’t have to pay expensive while getting the most effect out of cardboard display.

Custom Design

Compared to other display materials like metal, wooden, glass, corrugated material are more flexible in structure, thus a point of purchase display can be in any shape and sizes to fit in store place, and product specs.

On the other hand, graphics are also customizable. You can print any graphics, call to action words, your products’ unique selling points without extra charge. Since all artwork can be printed in a set of plates.

Hassle Free Assembly

For pop display assembly, we have studie this top since we were found. There are types of displays that can be set up in short time.

If displays come from pieces, there will be a very user-friendly installation guide to walk you through steps of display setup. Or there is a trend that a code will be printed at the foot or on the back of displays for shop associate to scan and watch assembly video, that’s a new fashion.

There are also displays that even don’t need an assembly guide, which can be set up in seconds when they pop up from their shipper cartons.

Small Footprint Space Saving

This is especially true for counter display units, corrugated dumbpins, slim tower FSDU displays, sidekick powerwings, etc. You can fit your corrugated pos display into almost any space in the retail store.

Also based on the nature of corrugate material, the display is light weight so that you can freely display your stands at high traffic areas anytime anywhere.

Ideal for Marketing Campaign

Marketing can be one of the biggest expense of a company. You need to pave a way for your new products, and drive impulse sales at retail when you want to clear out stock, or you want to gain a market share in seasonal promotion like Christmas or New Year.

A lot of companies didn’t realise the importance or the great value a point of purchase cardboard display can bring to their business, however a pos display is really the most beneifical and high ROI investment of the whole budget.


All you need to do now is to consult a professional cardboard display designer and manufacturer who can walk you through each step of developing a new cardboard display projects.

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