How Floorstand FSDU’s Increase Sales in Seasonal Campaign?

Among a variety of benefits of point of sale FSDU we create it to stock merchandising efficiently and visually impactfully, and drive incremental purchases by neatly showcasing new items or clear stock.
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FSDUs is short for free standing display units that are widely used in today’s brick and mortar business. It is quite a popular and nearly must-have choice for brand owners and retailers to showcase their products.

Among a variety of benefits of point of sale FSDU we create it to stock merchandising efficiently and visually impactfully, and drive incremental purchases by neatly showcasing new items or clear stock.

What is a Free Standing Display Unit?

By history, the popularity of FSDUs rose in the mid to late 2000s at which time these displays are widely used to host and promote new DVDs and games.

As of its nature, corrogated point of purchase FSDU stands are flexible to be placed in any location, typically at the high traffic areas of a retail store, like at the end of aisle or near the register counter where people waiting in line to check out.

FSDUs are particularly effective when used to launch a new category or product line, as well as during seasonal periods, because they can be implemented quickly for maximum impact.

How FSDUs outperforms in-aisle products?

Your products can be easily get lost int he shuffle during a consumer walking past by if they are arrange on-shelf or inside of the metal shelves. However if it is an FSDU free standing display by its name it can be place anywhere in the store. On purposely to attract shoppers attention.

There has been statistics shows about 5 times more will these FSDUs will attract consumers in the retail space that those items placed on shelf in aisle.

Other reasons for the higher performance include clear pricing and promotions that can be displayed on the header boards – allowing for larger price tiles compared to those on shelf strips or talkers – as well as more space for design and copy, resulting in recognizable branding, more information about the product or product line, and the chance for an emotional pull or theater inthe store.

Examples of seasonal promotion FSDU displays.

What are the advantages of floorstand FSDU’s?

The advantages of floorstand FSDUs might be endless whether you are a startup or giant fortune 500.

Save time and labour

Some of corrugate displays are pre-assembled and consolidate with products, this way it greatly reduces labour cost in stores. Your shop associate simply needs to take out the display and products from the shipper carton and display.

It also reduces second packaging cost since the display itself functions as display as well.

Keep stock in good availability

Brand managers and retailers are looking for solution for less frequent replenishment at shop floor. So you will have to find a stand that carry stock to the maximum and requires the least labour.

Most often you will find product categories like beverages, toys, back to school items are stock in these free standing display units.

Seasonal Campaign

Seasonal campaigns are hot activities that brands are striving to stand out from the crowd and add sales volumn to their yearly plan. During seasonal periods like Christmas, New Year, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc, brand owners would exert their ability to the utmost to win a market share by stratigically placing cardboard FSDU displays at shop floor.

Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Kinder chocolate have successfully used shippers for many years to promote their items during seasonal festivals.

Drive Impulse Sales

Prints can be really versatile and flexible on the graphics of a point of purchase retail FSDU stand. Those messages drive consumers to make impulse purchase.

How Packwins help you create tailored FSDUs?

With our extensive knowledge and manufacturing capability we have helped brands through startups to giant fortune 500 like Disney, Coca-Cola, and big box stores like Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Big Lots Stores etc, our team is able to create the unique display specifically suits to your products.

Creativity in structure

Unconventional structures gain more appeal to consumers since everyone is seeking for difference. This is true when we see instore promotions. Display shape construction can be quite tricky and difficult for other display materials like acrylic, metal, wood etc, but for corrugated cardboard, this is just a piece of cake.

Our structural designers have 10+ years experience working to meet and exceed clients expectation on creativity.

Your Budget

We would consider your budget as top priority when creating alternative choices for FSDU display at the initial sketch up stage. Have everything under control would promoise the whole project to be a successful one.

Contact us for any FSDU display project review.

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