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When turning to the question of what makes a suitable or great display supplier, we have a lot to share with you during your decision making processes. There are things you see and you don't. That's why we are writing these steps for design and make a new display.
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There are numerous benefits of POP displays. These are great for seasonal or short-running campaigns, as well as for targeting impulse buying.

When turning to the question of what makes a suitable or great display supplier, we have a lot to share with you during your decision making processes. There are things you see and you don’t.

That’s why we are writing these steps that are most important for design and make a new display.

Initial things you need in order to start

There are four factors to consider when assessing your package and display needs: footprint size in store, types of your products, required display units and your budget range.

Where you would like to place this corrugated display?

The type of display vary depending on footprint size you have in stores, namely where you decide to place this display. From over the counter to on the end of the aisle or on a full pallet. Display types differs from counter display, bins or floor display and pallet display.

What types of product you have?

The package of your product or the product itself can affect your display choice, like shapes, size and weight. Also if your package is with hole, then it can be hang on a hook, or if it is in round shape, there could be holes on each shelf to hold the item.

How many units do you need for a new display project?

100? 500? 1,000? 10,000? These are numbers that you need to have an idea before supplier generates a quote for your case. As for printing, there is a startup cost, the more your quantity the less cost it will be. Generally when order quantity more than 100pcs, there will be no more startup fees.

What is your budget range?

Taking budget into account at the initial stage will save a great many of time! Besides the display cost itself, there will be shipping cost from China to your destination via sea or by air. Don’t worry, there are ways to minimize costs!

Price Estimates

Making a choice between cost and value is often the common case.

Whenever we generate a cost for a new display case, we often would like to get an idea on your product details, you don’t have to have a very clear statement on how you would like the display to be, we get you covered on this.

For most of the time if it is a new case, we shall make a prototype and ask to approve a sample before mass production. When customer repeat an order or just with different graphics, we can make pre-production sample right away to check color spot.

In the quote we shall specify in details with material basis, weight bearing capacity and printing color requirements weather it is 4C CMYK full color or is there any spot PMS color. There always no tooling or die cost for a corrugated display.

Ask for lower prices when you are expecting a bigger quantity.

As before mentioned, an increased quantity will help decrease the shared cost for each production process, like printing, laminating and diecutting, even increased quantity might lower down freight cost if it is sea shipping and when it comes up to a full container loading.

“Every product is like a pie cut into eight parts. These slices are Benefits, Quality, Service, Value, Reliability, Satisfaction, a reasonable Profit, and Extra Mileage. Since the part is never greater than the whole, why should Price ever be the the determining factor in a sale?”

-By sales executives

Be rest assured that we would always find a way to minimize your cost while not compromise its funcion and value.

Design&Prototype Process

In-House Experts: At this time we might say that it makes no sense when your corrugated display company send your POP display project off-site and outsourcing to be designed and produced.

Both you and your supplier shall experience risk on lost control for the final outcomes.

Here at Packwins, we cover the whole process from design to packing within the company. We have invest in hiring experts to analyse your case and get a clear mock-up before any real movement.

You will have a qualified, knowledgeable design team to assit you on initial design and display rendering. This can be visual presented on your front with detailed dimensions and even full loaded your products on the shelves or hang on hooks.

In this case, you are releaved from the stress of any unexpected results.

Prototyping Capability: Not all display companies give you the opportunity to try before you buy. Prototype services are important so you can see and approve your display before the manufacturing process begins. A physical, full colored prototype of your display is invaluable.

One of the fastest display prototype we did takes only 3 hours from the customer’s approval of the display mock-up to touch the display samle by hands.

Production and Shipping

Printing quality that speaks for your products. Marketers understand how important the printing quality to a cardboard display that drives your sales up.

For mass printing most often we use Offset Lithography on white paper boards to get true color, or choose flexography to print on brown corrugated board. by the way if it is sample printing,digital printing shall apply.

It always be the right choice to find a manufacturer that understands the key of your color requirement and gets color control within the factory can be forever important.

Apart from printing, there goes paper mounting, die cutting, pasting and packing before ship. Often we call them after-printing process.

For these procesures, a key point is accuracy this is especially ture for diecutting. A 1mm dislocation is not allowed during cutting since it will influence the next step of pasting.

Once the display is constructed as a whole, we can pack it ready for container loading and shipping.

As drop shipping is more and more popular these days, a good display supplier also offers hand packing and assembly, co-packing to consolidate your goods into the displays.

Finding a display company to start a new display case doesn’t have to be so difficult. Understand what the supplier can offer on site and simply present the product you are going to sell, then just wait for a striky and impulse cardboard point of purchase display to sell your products.

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