Increase Your Packaging ROI with a Shelf Ready Packaging

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In the fast pacing of brick-and-mortal business, retailers and big box club stores are searching for a quick display and packaging solution to save time, labor and elevate brand identity, and finally increase sales.

What is a Shelf Ready Packaging?

Shelf ready packaging which we also call it SRP, is a packaging and display solution to pack out goods for retail. The products are sent to retail stores in the forms of ready merchandise.

there is no need for extra labor and on shelf time. Products do not need to be taken out of the carton and put on shelf individually. This SRP is developed from a secondary packaging which is an upgrade form of display and packaging as well.

Retail Ready Packaging Structure Types

Well for the structure design of this display, it is quite simple the whole display can be cut within 1 piece of paper and needs only 1 joint. Below are 2 regular structure design for commonly used versions.

  1. Stackable with slots
  2. Slanted back
  3. Top cover as a display

5 Benefits of a Retail Shelf Ready Packaging Display

Easy to identify

Your product stands out from the crowd being packed in an SRP display box with well organized artwork. When it concerning the graphics, be sure to make full use of the 6 sides since you can be sure the shop assistants can place the display box in the right way.

Easy to open

There will be a perforated line or a dotted line as you might call it, it is easy to tear away the upper parts, with only a slight force. Through away the top and the rest of box became a display.

Also the box itself is robust enough to endure the transition movement from pack-out to delivery to retail stores.

Easy to merchandise

 On the other hand, it is simple to replenish when a box of items sold out. Also a display box optimize the shelf space. Say goodbye to chaos!

Easy to shop

A well designed retail ready packaging is user friendly on shelf. Shoppers are easy to get access to the products thus increase sales. The shelf ready packaging is easy to identify.

Easy to dispose

 Material of a retail ready packaging is made of cardboard material and can be recycled easily. Dispose it for the next turnaround usage.

Steps to Follow in Creating Your Own Shelf Ready Packaging

Step 1: Determine your packaging needs

Ask questions of what products do I need to be packed in this SRP?

My products dimensions?

How many products do I need to be packed in a unit?

Step 2: Frame out your budget

About how much percentage do I need to put this display box in the whole project?

Or how much cost can I stand for this display box?

Step 3: Structural choice

If this need to be displayed as a single display box? Or it can be stacked up for bulk selling?

Step 4: Supply a dieline

Dieline can be created by our team with specified dimensions.

Step 5: Artwork layout

You can have artwork laid out with our provided dielilne.

Step 6: Prototype

A sample can help you to test the product fitness and graphics positions.

Step 7: Production and shipping

Our 10+ years experience in pos display and packaging industry help guarantee you a fast turnaround time.

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