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With a strong partnership with Kinder, it highlights strategic placement, customization, and impactful showcasing for maximizing brand visibility and driving sales. Join us as we delve into the diverse range of cardboard displays, from pallet displays to cardboard cutouts, and discover unforgettable marketing solutions for Kinder's confectionery products.
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At our factory, we take immense pride in our long-standing partnership with Kinder, a renowned confectionery brand. Over the years, we have collaborated on numerous marketing campaigns and product launches, creating a wide range of impactful cardboard displays to enhance Kinder’s brand presence and drive sales. In this blog, we are thrilled to introduce you to the various types of cardboard displays we have designed and manufactured for Kinder, each strategically tailored to achieve specific marketing objectives. From eye-catching pallet displays to space-efficient counter displays and innovative cardboard cutouts, we have leveraged our design expertise and manufacturing capabilities to deliver exceptional solutions for Kinder’s marketing success. Let’s explore the versatility and effectiveness of these cardboard displays that have captivated customers and elevated Kinder’s retail marketing efforts to new heights.

Cardboard display types that we create for Kinder

1. Pallet Displays: Making a Statement at Retail

Pallet displays are a powerful way to create a significant impact at retail stores. Our custom-designed pallet displays for Kinder feature eye-catching graphics and strategic product placement, drawing immediate attention from customers. With sturdy construction and efficient use of space, these displays effectively showcase a variety of Kinder products and encourage bulk purchases, making them ideal for seasonal promotions or special offers.

2. Counter Displays: Driving Impulse Purchases at Checkout

Our compact and space-efficient counter displays have been instrumental in driving impulse purchases at the checkout counter. Designed to fit seamlessly on retail counters, these displays feature Kinder’s enticing products, captivating graphics, and a compelling call to action. Their easy assembly and disassembly have proved convenient for store staff, while their targeted marketing approach aligns with specific customer demographics and seasonal promotions.

3. FSDU (Free Standing Display Unit): Elevating Brand Presence

Our FSDUs have played a key role in elevating Kinder’s brand presence within retail spaces. These freestanding displays make a bold statement with vibrant branding and creative design, effectively attracting customers from a distance. Strategically placed at high-traffic areas, these displays have successfully captured customer attention and led to increased product visibility and sales.

4. Sidekick Displays: Maximizing Shelf Space

Sidekick displays have been instrumental in maximizing shelf space and creating secondary product placements. By attaching to existing retail shelving units, these displays allow Kinder to promote their products in additional areas of the store, significantly increasing product exposure and enhancing brand visibility.

5. Hangsell Displays: Effortless Shelf Hanging Solutions

Our innovative hangsell displays provide a seamless solution for retailers to hang Kinder products on store shelves. Designed with easy-to-use hanging mechanisms, these displays optimize product presentation and enable quick restocking, ensuring that Kinder products are always readily available for customers.

6. Hook Floor Displays: Efficient Floor Space Utilization

Floor space can be a valuable asset in retail, and our hook floor displays make the most of it. These displays use vertical hanging space to present Kinder products in an organized and eye-catching manner, making them ideal for small retail spaces or high-traffic areas.

7. Dumpbins: Encouraging Bulk Purchases

Our dumpbins have been a game-changer for encouraging bulk purchases of Kinder products. Strategically placed near checkout counters or in high-traffic areas, these displays offer an irresistible opportunity for customers to grab more of their favorite Kinder treats.

8. Cardboard Cutouts: Bringing Characters to Life

Our creatively designed cardboard cutouts add an element of fun and excitement to Kinder’s marketing campaigns. By bringing beloved Kinder characters to life, these cutouts have engaged customers and provided captivating photo opportunities, further promoting the brand on social media platforms.

The Power of POS Cardboard Displays

Point of Sale (POS) displays hold immense power in the world of retail marketing as they are strategically positioned at the point of purchase, where consumer decision-making is at its peak. When customers approach the checkout counter, their attention is naturally drawn to the visually appealing displays showcasing products or promotions. These displays have the potential to influence last-minute purchase decisions and trigger impulse buys, making them a crucial element of the overall marketing strategy.

The psychology behind POS displays is rooted in capturing the attention of consumers when they are in a buying mindset. Studies have shown that shoppers are more likely to notice and engage with promotional displays placed at the checkout, leading to increased product awareness and a higher likelihood of making unplanned purchases. The power of these displays lies in their ability to create a sense of urgency, scarcity, or value, which can sway customers towards adding additional items to their shopping carts.

Discuss the benefits of using cardboard displays as a cost-effective and versatile solution for promoting products and increasing brand visibility.

Cardboard displays have emerged as a cost-effective and versatile solution for brands seeking to maximize their marketing impact without breaking the bank. The affordability of cardboard as a material allows businesses, like Kinder, to invest in multiple displays across various retail locations, amplifying their brand presence and product visibility.

The flexibility of cardboard as a medium enables the creation of unique and eye-catching display designs that align with brand identities and campaign themes. Customization options, such as die-cutting, printing, and embossing, provide endless opportunities to create innovative and attention-grabbing displays that resonate with Kinder’s target audience. Additionally, cardboard displays can be easily transported and assembled, making them an ideal choice for temporary promotions and seasonal campaigns.

Cardboard displays also play a significant role in sustainability initiatives. Being recyclable and eco-friendly, they align with Kinder’s commitment to environmental responsibility, catering to the preferences of conscious consumers who value brands that embrace sustainable practices.

The combination of cost-effectiveness, design flexibility, and eco-friendliness positions cardboard displays as a powerful tool in Kinder’s retail marketing arsenal, allowing them to make a lasting impression on customers while adhering to their budget and sustainability goals.

Customization for Brand Identity

At our factory, every cardboard display is a testament to the art of customization, where we carefully tailor each design to align with Kinder’s brand identity and ongoing marketing campaigns. By understanding Kinder’s values, target audience, and marketing objectives, we are able to infuse the essence of their brand into every display, creating a seamless brand experience for customers.

Our design team collaborates closely with Kinder’s marketing team, ensuring that we are fully aligned with the brand’s guidelines, color schemes, and imagery. This collaboration allows us to craft displays that evoke familiarity and consistency, establishing a strong visual identity for Kinder’s products across various retail environments.

Highlight specific design elements, graphics, and branding used to create a cohesive and eye-catching display that resonates with Kinder’s target audience.

One of the key design elements we focus on is visual storytelling. Our displays feature graphics and imagery that not only showcase the products but also communicate the joy and excitement associated with Kinder’s confectionery treats. Whether it’s the iconic Kinder characters or vibrant visuals depicting moments of indulgence, our designs capture the hearts of both children and adults alike.

We leverage the power of color psychology to evoke emotions that align with Kinder’s branding. Warm and inviting colors like the brand’s signature yellow evoke feelings of happiness and joy, reinforcing positive associations with Kinder products.

To create a cohesive and eye-catching display, we carefully position branding elements, such as logos and taglines, in strategic locations. These elements are seamlessly integrated into the display design, ensuring they are visible and memorable to customers as they pass by.

The combination of captivating imagery, brand colors, and strategic branding placement results in displays that effortlessly resonate with Kinder’s target audience, leaving a lasting impression that lingers beyond the retail store. By customizing each display to embody Kinder’s brand identity, we ensure that customers connect emotionally with the products, fostering brand loyalty and trust.

Impactful Product Showcasing

Kinder POS displays are designed to captivate customer attention from afar and draw them closer to explore the delightful confectionery offerings. We take a holistic approach to product showcasing, using both visual and tactile elements to engage customers and evoke a sense of desire.

From a visual perspective, we create displays that are visually striking and appealing. Eye-catching graphics and high-quality imagery showcase the products in their most appetizing and tempting form. We design our displays to align with the packaging of Kinder products, creating a cohesive and harmonious presentation that reinforces product recognition.

Moreover, we employ creative structural designs that give depth and dimension to the display, making the products stand out in an organized and attractive manner. Tiered shelves, compartments, or cutouts add visual interest and allow customers to interact with the products, encouraging them to pick up and examine the treats.

Use examples of specific campaigns or product launches where the displays played a significant role in driving sales.

An example of the impactful product showcasing can be seen in Kinder’s “Limited Edition Flavor Launch.” When Kinder introduced a new limited-edition flavor, they wanted to create excitement and drive sales during the promotion period. For this campaign, we designed custom POS displays that showcased the new flavor prominently and featured captivating visuals to highlight its uniqueness.

The displays were strategically placed at prime locations within retail stores, such as near the checkout counters and at the entrance of the confectionery aisle. The striking design and vibrant branding captured the attention of passersby, generating curiosity and interest in the new flavor.

During the campaign, the displays played a significant role in driving impulse purchases. Customers were enticed by the display’s presentation and were compelled to try the limited-edition flavor before it disappeared from shelves. The combination of effective product showcasing and strategic placement resulted in a remarkable increase in sales during the campaign period.

By demonstrating how the Kinder POS displays effectively showcase the products, we have not only elevated Kinder’s brand presence but also contributed to boosting sales and achieving their marketing objectives.

Strategic Placement for Maximum Exposure

Strategic placement is a crucial factor in determining the success of POS displays. At our factory, we meticulously plan the placement of Kinder POS displays to ensure they garner maximum exposure and customer engagement.

We work closely with Kinder’s marketing team to understand their target audience and identify high-traffic areas within retail stores. These areas often include the entrance, checkout counters, and prominent pathways. By positioning displays in such strategic locations, we ensure that they capture the attention of a large number of customers as they enter or move around the store.

Our displays are also strategically placed near complementary products or related merchandise. For instance, Kinder POS displays might be located near hot beverages in a supermarket, as Kinder’s products are often enjoyed with a warm drink. By leveraging cross-merchandising opportunities, we increase the chances of spontaneous purchases and enhance the overall shopping experience for customers.


As our collaboration with Kinder continues to flourish, we remain committed to delivering innovative and impactful marketing solutions that leave a lasting impression on customers. The various types of cardboard displays we have showcased, including pallet displays, counter displays, FSDUs, sidekick displays, hangsell displays, hook floor displays, dumpbins, and cardboard cutouts, demonstrate our ability to leverage the power of design, customization, and strategic placement to enhance brand visibility and drive sales. Each display is a testament to our dedication to creating captivating shopping experiences that resonate with Kinder’s target audience, foster brand loyalty, and boost Kinder’s position in the competitive confectionery market. As we look forward to exploring new horizons with Kinder, we remain steadfast in our commitment to crafting cardboard displays that transform retail spaces, captivate consumers, and elevate Kinder’s retail marketing endeavors to new heights.

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