Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) – 5 Easies Help You Sell Through

Have you ever buy a chocalate snack bar when you paved your way out of a retail store after finish all your necessary shopping? You are not the only one, about 69% of impulse purchase decisions are made within store.
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Have you ever buy a chocalate snack bar when you paved your way out of a retail store after finish all your necessary shopping? You are not the only one, about 69% of impulse purchase decisions are made within store.

The way how your products presents plays an important part.

In case a consumer is unable to find a product they regularly buy, then about 41% of them will simply grab one next alternative. By applying a shelf ready packaging you will for sure largely increase your products visibility and impulse sales.

So what is the most convinient and cost effective while efficient way to present your products in retail space. One of the answers might be Shelf Ready Packaging.

A shelf ready packaging will improve efficiency on both ends, manufacturers and retailers.

What is Shelf Ready Packaging?

Shelf ready packaging which we also call SRP is an industrial term that refers to a well packaged box or display that is ready for sale at the retail market with fully loaded products.

Corrugated shelf ready packaging is delivered to retail stores as a whole unit so that these SRPs can be easily put on shelf and ready to display and sell your products. Basically for a shop associate he does not have the need to unpack and restock the items on shelves, simply put out the package and remove the upper part.

This greatly saves cost at the end of store. As we know the most cost occurs in the shop floor when your products need plenty of time for a shop assistant to manage the onshelf.


  • Tailor designed to fit your product primary packaging
  • Inline with big box packaging requirement
  • Carton can be printed in customized color and graphics
  • Materials can be corrugate or card stock
  • Environmental friendly 100% recyclable


  • Increase sales through rates
  • Enable higher product visibility
  • Time saving on retail floor
  • Avoid transit damage
  • Save packing cost

Five Easies of a Shelf Ready Packaing?

To help with our clients meet each of the big box retailers Packwins designers are strive for the most elegent, practical point of purchase shelf ready packaging. We help clients optimise the ‘five easies’ of SRP:

Easy to Identify

Throughout the distribution process, your items will be quickly and easily identified by handingly person, they clear see from your branding on the shelf ready packaging of your products.

This is the same when your goods arrive at store and on shelf. Consumers choosing products that are most prominently displayed on shelf, among all your competitors your items are wrapped in a nicely designed graphics.

Easy to Open

With the below two common types of structure design, your retail shelf ready packaging is easy to open,

  1. Two parts structure, remove top part and base part function as your display;
  2. With well dotted perforated design to be easily tear-off on top part

Unlike the standard packaging box that regularly needs a knife to cut and open, how many times have a shop associate cut all the way through to your product packaging or product? Time and effort is endless when using a knife to open.

Easy to Replenish

Practically from the distribution process brand owners will benefit from a custom designed shelf ready packaging. It facilitate store associate to restock after one package of products is sold out.

They simply pull out a new one from master carton and display. Simple as that.

Easy to Shop

Shoppers can quickly understand what products are on the shelves by looking across the shelf and they can easily identify your products and selling points by the surface printing of your shelf ready packaging.

Easy to Dispose of

Rather than other display types made by acrylic, metal or wire frame, point of purchase cardbard or corrugated shelf ready package are made by a single material, which can be flattened easily and pressed to a very low volume.

They can be recycled and reused after your display purpose fulfilled.

Guide book of SRP carried out by the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Executive Board is helping us throughout these years, it is quite an easy guide for sufficient use of corrugated packaging in retail market.

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