Sidekick Display Vs Endcap Display – Which to go?

We firmly believe that every brand manager and retailer wants their products to stand out fromt the crowd. How? Read on.
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We firmly believe that every brand manager and retailer wants their products to stand out fromt the crowd. How?

There are upto 100,000 SKUs on average which sell in a hypermarket, half SKUs in a supermarket. Given this number the visibility of your concumer product is low among the crowded shelves. Say decisively when your products cannot be seen on shelf, no one would buy it.

On the contrary, your products are nicely presented on a off-shelf pop display, and when a shopper walking down the aisle and your products popped out into her or his eyes, the possibility he dust your product into his basket increased at least 80%.

Today we are going to discuss 2 types of cardboard displays that are often confused by their definition and mix use in retail marketing. They are sidekick display and endcap display.

What is a sidekick display?

A sidekick display is a product display attached to a wire frame with S hooks to show can your products in a retail store. It also can be called a power wing or powerwing, sidecap display.

Cardboard Display Sidekick Display (1)

Sidekick display is usually placed on high traffic area in a store with the following common forms,

  • close to register
  • hangsell attached to wire frame
  • adding a base on bottom to free standing on floor

The purpose of a sidekick display may vary based on different brand and product owners, but to summarize often below points are almost every business want to achieve,

  • to clear stock inventory
  • to test a sales success of a new product
  • to increase impulse sales

When to use:

  • Sort out retail space to be clean and elegant
  • Target for impulse buys
  • Suitable for items in small size and light weight
  • Using brand identity color and bold graphics

What is an Endcap Display?

An Endcap Display is a point of purchase display that placed at the end of an aisle, making the most product presentation out of all available retail spaces.

Design of an endcap display first need to be based on the space available at the end of aisle.

  • With metal shelves at the end aisle
    Endcap display should be attached to the metal structure, like inline counter shelves with side panel graphic boards and a header card adding on top.
  • Without any pre-structure aisle
    This situation the endcap display can be free standing, or stand alone. Display types can be shelves display or waterfalls like below
This is a waterfall endcap display for NIVEA in Woolworths Australia

What if they pairing together? Show you examples.

  • Kitchware Promotion

There are always companions in your marketing mix. Like kitchware products which we daily use. Profits margin differ from categories.

China tableware putting on the endcap display might be low markup item, however if you put stainless steel fork, satula, spoons, chopsticks within a nicely designed sidekick display next to tableware endcap. Interestingly shoppers will be attracted by the good price of tableware, while they will also have the needs to shop for stainless items so that they move to the items next to it on the sidekick display.

Aren’t these good ways to bring up the average of whole items and drive up impulse sales?

  • Attach to Famous Brands

Supplementary items put next to a famous brands. This is a cross-selling strategy.

Take for example, if Disney products are presented on endcap displays in a retail store. You need to identify what products are on these shelves so that you can organize supplementary products on a sidekick display next to it. In case there is no notebooks or gift cards on endcap display under Disney brand, then you can take yours next to that.

Shoppers would glance quick and make quick decision to put yours into basket thus increase your basket rate.

Cardboard-Display-Endcap-Display-Sidekick-Display-Pairing (1)
  • Babies and Men’ Promotion

There is a observation and study carried out by an Australian marketer finder, that an increasing chance exists for a daddy to buy babies diapers.

Interestingly a store manager decided to put babies diapers on a sidekick display next to men’s shaver on an endcap display and these increased that brand of diapers upto 80%.

  • Swimming Goods Promotion

There can be tons of successful cases and potential pairing ways for swimming items.

Take for example, swimming towels on endcap display while put swimming gears on a sidekick display. They really fulfill shoppers buying needs all at one time.

Custom Sidekick Displays and Endcap Displays

Ready to have your products go on stage? Packwins are more than glad to walk you through all the steps from idea generation through prototyping to production and shipping or dropshipping. You can customize a display not limited to below aspects,

  • Graphics – Your logo, brand color, wording, graphics all can be custom made, no MOQ. We support you from startup to furtune 500.
  • Size – Be it a sidekick powerwing or a large footprint waterfall endcap display, we can customize. Simply by analyzing and adjusting diecutting plates.

Before You Move On

Since 2004, we have further developped our technical know-how on design a suitable pop display for your products. Part of these industrial knowledges are gained from the valuable experience during display order processing. You are rest assured that your case will be a new kick off for your new marketing plan.

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