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To stand out and shout out to shoppers passing by your products deserve a pop display
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Importance of a retail cardboard display in brick-mortal business.

In today’s retail business campaign, brand owners and marketers are competing fiercely for space in retail stores.

They understand how important a well designed cardboard display could bring to their sales.

To stand out and shout out to shoppers passing by your products deserve a pop display.

1. Loosely stacked Vs neatly arranged off-shelf.

Corrugated Cardboard Point of Purchase Display for DrPepper
Corrugated Cardboard Point of Purchase Display for DrPepper

Seen from this picture we can have a quick glance on the feeling it brings to customers. Neatly arranged off-shelf display is professional in look and more interactive with clients.

We can say nearly all products deserve a point of purchase display in this fiercely competitive market.

2. Five benefits a successful retail display.

1. Increase product sell-through rate.

Imagine when your products are placed on the fixture shelf among all other crowded items, shopper are missing their way and hard to make a buying choice.

People buy impulse when there is any point that the cardboard display has something to catch their eyes. These off-the-shelf retail display always put in the “Action Alleys”, its location brings up 50% purchase chance.

2. Increase your company’s brand Identity

There are unique graphics on the retail display that shout out to customers of your brand identity and produt value.

A retail display is printed with your company information and product unique selling points, all these will leave a positive impression to shoppers-by.

3. Customize It

Customization is one of the key success of a retail pos cardboard display. Based on your product package style, size, unit weight, a display is flexibly designed.

Even the display can be shaped like your product itself. The tailored shape help your product stand out from the crowd.

4. Increase customer convenience

This can be break into 2 main situations.

One is the displays are put near the checkout counter or cash counter. People will forget things that they intended to buy.

When they walk out the store to pay, they can still get things they need which put on a counter display or floor FSDU’s.

Another is retail displays can be put flexible on where they are designed to.

For example, a shop behavior study shows that more and more men are prong to buy baby diapers.

So diapers brand managers decide to put a retail display next to men’s necessity area. Which gained a 300% sell-through rate increase.

5. Low Cost

Low cost is compared to having a shop associate standing beside your products distributing flyers or promotional letters.

While a retail pop display carries all the work and leads to continous sales in retail floor.

POS displays are always designed to be easy to refill, it lasts long and reuseable untill the whole promotional scheme is done.

Which cardboard display suits you best?

1. On the floor FSDUs

FSDUs are short for Free Standing Display Units, these floor displays are strategically placed on aisles where large traffic passing by.

One of the advantage for a FSDU is its large capacity it carry. Products can be both stocked on shelves or hang on hooks.

Categories like food, beverage, Consumer Electronics, Cosmetics etc are often promoted on floor displays.

2. Over the counter CDU

CDUs are short for Counter Display Units, these counter displays can be seen inline of the metal shelves, or over the cash counter. 

To stand out from the crowded noise of your competitors, a small counter display help concentrate shoppers and take action to buy.

Industries like toys, educational, audio/Visual, cosmetics, snacks, pharmaceutical, utraceautical, health and beauty aids, etc are all perfect to display using retail counter displays.

3. Hangsell in a wireframe or a Sidekick

A sidekick display is designed to hangsell your products in high traffic areas of a store.

It is usually hang within a wireframe by the end of aisle or near the checkout counter.

For some big club stores it has fixed max. size 14″ x 5″ 24″ or 14″ x 5″ x 48″. But it can be quite flexible to different stores or brands which can be customized both in size and graphics.

One of the big advantage of sidekick powerwing display is it’s quite suitable for consolidate packing. The overall size is small and can be functioned both as display and packaging in transit.

It’s a way of saving packaging cost.

This endcap sidekick display serving industries like snacks&food, candy&chocolate, sock&gloves&hats, toy&games, gifts, jewlery, cosmetics, oral&hair&skin care, health&pharmacy, etc.

4. Club stores welcome Pallet Display

 If you have a plan to pave your products into big clube stores like Sam Club, Walmart, Target, Costco, dispaly-ready pallets are your key to the door. Based on the knowledge and experience our team aquired for the last 10 years, we know exactly what to do and how to meet standards and requirements for any store.

  •  attract attention from shoppers
  •  highlight promotions
  •  increase sales
  •  help your products stand out

Pallet displays are displays that placed on a pallet to showcase your products and drive sales. 

Big box club stores love these pallet displays since they carry in bulk and send clear Call to Action message to shoppers-by.

Besides function as a pos display, these pallet displays can be also your transit packaging during shipping. 

Testing and receiving standards are different from each stores, be careful to meet individual requirements or charge back occur. 

Talk to Packwins to start a new pallet display project review we shall have all points covered and you sleep at ease.

5. Gravity Feed Display

If you have products stocked in packages that isn’t easy to stack or in bages, then a gravity feed display works for you.

A gravity feed display enables your products feed automoatically through the top to buttom so that your products are at the consumers fingertips.

Products like candy, lip balm, vitamins, and more fit in well with this gravity feed display.

6. Call to action Cutout Standee

Cutout standee is a large often life-size standalone display that is used to promote a movie, product, events, point of purchase campaign.

Usually made from corrugated cardboard custom designed in any size and any shape. There will be a backup struts to enable it free-standing.

Suits in any category and industry.

7. An Island

An island display is a combination of display types grouped together and place in an open area of a store. 

Shoppers can get easy access from all sides.

Tips and tricks to choose a cardboard display manufacturer?

1. Design competence

Rather than a simple packaging box, cardboard display design requires extreme professionalism.

This is especially true when it comes to key factors of weight bearing capacity and irregular display shape design.

For some of trading company or design offices overseas they have a graphic or strucutral design team to create original ideas in 3D and send to China to do prototype and production. 

However in some cases only a few of cardboard display manufacturer got design competence to work it out.

At Packwins, we got you covered. Take this Corrugate Barrel Display for example.

We work from the feasibility and cost consiousness.

2. Quick action service

Let’s break into 3 stages of service for a whole cardboard display project.

  • Design
    Whether you have an idea or you look for an idea, we can work it out. Most industrial design companies don’t have a prototyping facility, when they have created a design, they need us to bring it to reality.
    This requires quick action to the questions accured during prototype stage on changes and improvements.

    Also quick sample to ship to customers touch by hands is another advantage we’ve got.
  • Production
    If it is an urgent order,  we can short production 3-4 days compared to regular order. Since we have very sophisticated production equipment with professional workers.
  • Shipping
    If you have a tight in-store date for a custom cardboard display, we can work closely with your forwarder on shipments.

3. Flexible in production based on quantity

For a starup company doing promotional cardboard display, there are ways to save cost.

The flexibility we’ve got in printing make it happen.

  • Digital print for order quantity under 100sets.
  • Offset print for order 100sets and above.
  • Flexo print for master carton print.

4. Color management

Can you imagine to have artwork printed match to what it was 10 years ago? It happens at Packwins Display.

Color management and consistence is key to success for Brands especially for spot color or PMS color.

G7 is one of the standard we comply with.

5. Manufacturing capability

In China there are 3 types of companies that doing cardboard display. 

  • Elementary.
    Trade house. Have sales and designers, but no equipment for production.
  • Middle Level.
    Production factory. Who got after-printing equipements, pasting, diecutting, glue and packing.
  • Vantage.
    Printing&Production factory. Packwins belongs to this line. We control everything from paper raw material through printing to diecutting and packing.

Pitfalls to avoid.

1. Display doesn’t go with the season

To avoid this is quite simple.  For example, if it is summer season, your graphics should reflex the coolness, sun&sea to attract customers. 

For winter and Xmas seasons, warm and New Year atmonspher should be created via your display.

2. Not easy to re-stock

Point of purchase displays can be refilled with your products when they sold out. 

Restock or refill will bring average cost down for an individual product. If it is not, your overall promotional cost will be high.

Shop associate would prefer to dispay types that are easy to restock simply add products on shelves or hange on hooks.

3. Miss fit in size.

You will always have your products tested in a display sample. 

Objections denied. Let me tell you the other condition.

  • Your product cannot fit in with the column the display planned.
  • Your product will surpass the weight bearing capacity the display stand was designed to.
  • Important message of your product packaging itself will be hidden behind the display shelf front lip.

The upside is that, we can have your product tested before offical order. Either we courier display prototype to your country or you have your product supplier sent items to us for testing.

Sample is free.

4. Too much information on one stand

We understand you need to address your points on the pos display by putting information on the artwork. 

But please not too much. Overwhelmed messages and colors cause it really hard for shoppers to make a buying decision. 

Less is more.

5. Not choosing the right display type

Cardboard display types choice can be tricky.

But if you can take below points into account, there won’t be faulty,

  • Footprint the store allows you to display,
  • Your budget on dislay project,
  • Your product pacakge style, size and weight

Once above information are communicated, we can help with the solution. 1-3 designs might be provided for you to choose from.

6. No maintance after arriving in store

You understand how important a promotional display means to your marketing plan. 

But the shop associate might not. 

So messages and requirements should be addressed to have a daily or at least weekly maintance after the pos display arrive in store.

To keep it neatly, clean, and refilled with your products.

The rest- wait for soaring sales records!


Above are the most often situations we meet in our daily work. There might come up with new idea or problem, but we are ready for that. 

You need a tailored corrugated display to promote your product sales, that’s where we put our efforts. 

Drop your display case, let’s start it today!

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