Tips on Selecting the Perfect POS Cardboard Display for Your Needs

POS Cardboard Display is becoming more and more popular in retail promotion business. It is suitable for almost all industries and espcially true for Fast Moving Consumer Goods. But how do you choose the best POS cardboard display? Here are some tips to help with that.
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POS Cardboard Display is becoming more and more popular in retail promotion business. It is suitable for almost all industries and espcially true for Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

Choosing cardboard display requires selecting an appropriate display type that suits your product, budget and targeting on factors like product packaging types, unit weight, SKUs to be shown on stands, and the durability of this stand needs to last.

But how do you choose the best POS cardboard display? Here are some tips to help with that:

Consider your produt packing stype and weight.

If your produt is packed in bags or with irregular shapes that aren’t easy to stack up, then you might consider a gravitiy feed display that you fill products from the top and sells through on bottom.

Or a dumpbin might work. Your shop associates only need to pull the products on the bins and start to sell.

Stackable trays might be another alternative that brand owners and retailers prefer for these bagged items.

Your product unit weight is also a key factor that you consider on display type choice and strength of corrugate material.

Once your prduct basic packing and weight information is available our designers shall get started for a sketch design.

Take your displaying environment into account.

Sizes of your display is mostly decided by the footprint of the retail store the display is heading to. Display types ranges in sizes from big to small we’ve got you coverd, from pallet display, FSDUs floor display, dumpbins to counter display units.

If there is going to be a promotional theme in retail stores, then we would recommend you to take a group of display types. This is usually called an island display which can be get access from all sides.

In some cases some brand owners only get a very tiny space to store their products, then we would suggest a slim hangsell that takes the minimum place and hang on wireframe. It is quite a traffic stopper. A statistic shows that a retail cardboard display increase sales up to 300% at pick seasons.

Narrow down choice by shipping and transit way.

Will you consider to pack your products together with retail displays?

A large partial of customers have products produced in China, that’s quite a positive factor. Since there are chances that you can consolidate products with cardboard displays to ship in the same container, which would save you 20-50% of packaging cost.

Get to know your cooperation possibility between your products supplier and your cardboard display manufactuer, understand the distance between them, and the facility and work space that needed to do consolidate.

The bigger chances on who is going to do the display assembly and products fulfillment lies in the products supplier. Most often we ship the displays and cartons to them and offer a very clear and easy to follow assembly guide so that they do it hassle free.

But always bring these requirement in advance so that your concerns can be answered on spot.

Print to budget.

There are mainly 4 ways of printing which can be choosing based on your total budget, your brand value, order quantity and expected in-store date.

  • Offset print
    This is a mass production print method which images on 4 metal plates are offset into rubber blankets or rollers and then to the printing surface paper.

    There is a model cost which can be shared by print quantity, in cardboard display it reflects display quantity. It’s better to start with 100pcs of corrugated displays to lower down the shared cost on plate cost.

    Shared printing cost goes down when quantity goes up. This is the same with the following production steps.
  • Digital print
    Unlike offset print, digital print does not require printing plate thus there is no minimum cost. Images are printed direct to paper materials.

    If display quantity is very a few, like under 50pcs display stands, we would suggest to go with digital print.

    Most often we do corrugated display prototypes using digital print. It works quick, bright in color, low cost for change of design.
  • Flexo print
    When the aim of your display aims at recycle and environmentally protection, then you can go with a corrugate display with its raw color and print in flexo.

    Most frequently printed color in flexo print is black and red. There can be also other regular colors like blue or green depends on brand identity.

    Ink will quite be absorbed by the brown kraft surface paper of the board thus color will not be as bright as offset print and digital print.

    The advantage of flexo print lies in its low cost, and easy and fast print speed.
  • Offset print and pasted to brown box.
    This is an alternative print solution to combine offset print with a brown kraft base. The prints will be pasted by automatic machine if in large quantity or manually pasted onto the brown kraft surface.

    Packaging box to big box stores like Target, Home Depot, Walmart, Sam’s Club are getting more chances to use this print style to lower down their product shared cost.

Talk to the service provider.

Reputable providers of pos cardboard displays can review your project for free. They create designs for you to choose from, give tips on selecting the best materials and print and production processes while considering your project’s requirements and have your best interests in mind.

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