Top 3 Cardboard Display Packaging Manufacturer in India

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India being the cheapest labour of all over the globe, many brand managers want to look for a solution and production for point of purchase cardboard display there.
We’ve found the top 3 manufacturers for you to turn for help.

Top 3 Cardboard Display Packaging Manufacturer in India

#1 Packwins Display Limited

Packwins Display Limited LOGO
  • Company type: In operation for 12 years is a cardboard point-of-purchase display factory.
  • Beijing, China
  • Products: Sidekick, Counter Displays, Cardboard Displays, and Counter Displays

Displays of all kinds, including cardboard cutout standees.

Since 2009, the Chinese startup Packwins has been creating personalized promotional products including cardboard displays and retail items. They are professionals at creating displays and packaging for last-minute sales in a variety of sectors, including the toy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and convenience store industries.

Whether it’s for a little boutique showing or one of the top brand merchants in the world, our staff is committed to assisting you in the success of your upcoming project!

These display design ideas enable a variety of clients to find fantastic offers and make savings in the marketplace.

#2 Connect2India


A smart and integrated trade platform created by, for, and with MSMEs is called Connect2India. It offers a one-stop shop for international companies to quickly and effectively locate, interact with, and do business with Indian MSMEs. It is the first and only integrated trading platform for India that offers a trustworthy and comprehensive view of Indian MSMEs. It also complements those views with special predictive analytics, competitive insights, trade intelligence, business tools, knowledgeable resources, and a local presence in India to create a comprehensive solution for MSME needs.

Our Products:

  • POP Display Stands of Cardboard
  • Cardboard POP Display
  • POP Cardboard Displays
  • Cardboard Tabletop Display Stand

#3 Amitoje India


Maniraj Singh Juneja co-founded after finishing his fellowship at MIT; in March of 2012, purchased

He now provides marketers with a fresh, creative strategy to make their jobs easier. Some of the biggest retail businesses in the nation may take use of the POS solutions that Amitoje provides, which have a particular focus on the nuances of e-commerce, online user behavior, and social networking.

‘Amitoje knows the pain-points and how to get rid of them through efficient design. They are pioneers in folding screens and have many patents pending.’ (Maniraj Singh Juneja)

Our Products:

  • Delta parasite – 2 shelf pos display
  • Foldie PromoComfort pos display
  • Promo Window pos display
  • 007 FSU pos display
  • 3 Sided FSU pos display
  • Amitoje Desk pos display


Finding a professional and reliable retail point of purchase display supplier can be really tricky. Starting from 2D 3D structural design can avoid mis-communication and save time and cost.

You might as well contact Packwins Display to have an alternative choice on offshore manufacturing. You will get great results from that.

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