Top 5 POS Cardboard Display Manufacturers in Canada

POS Cardboard Displays become an essential part in retail market. Retailers and brand owners all want active consumer engagement and an upscaled sales volumn of their products.
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POS Cardboard Displays become an essential part in retail market. Retailers and brand owners all want active consumer engagement and an upscaled sales volumn of their products.

How about bring your products off the shelf and away from the crowded noise onto a POS corrugated display?

A well design pos display has the same function as a well planned marketing campaign, it drives brand awareness and leads to a successful sales increase.

From corrugated box to display stands, packaging and display is quite a unique industry that associated with almost every other industry in the world.

From retail displays to brown boxes, packaging is a unique industry that engages with almost every other industry in the world. With our guide you can always find a local design house or manufacturer to provid you with consultative services and ultimately deliver effective display solutions.



Boxmaster was originally formed in 1981. It has been serving a variety of industries with production ranging from simple cartons to custom displays.

They’ve got both strucural and graphic design teams which has been praised by their clients.

Graphic designs are what appears in customers’ eyes first when they enter into the retail store, so this should be attention-grabing.

On the other hand, a sturdy structural design help keep the display stand in good shape and weight bearing. Most of the stands can last at least 3-4 months to years if refill is still in need. This dramatically brings up your ROI.

Stock and custom designed cardboard display boxes includes,

  • Custom Boxes
  • Custom POP Displays
  • Custom Can Tray – Craft Brewing Industry
  • Regular Slotted Containers
  • Corrugated Trays
  • Half Slotted Containers
  • Die Cut Custom
  • Full Over Lap
  • Roll End Tuck Top

Flint Packaging Products Ltd


Flint Packaging is a family owned and operated company equipped with production staff, sales service, structural designers.

Some of the most important aspects of a retail packaging and pos display supplier are investment in people, manufacturing equipment, and their capacity, agility and experience gained from each projects.

Clients are always looking for market-leading turnaround times which bring their products speed to market, and they expecting more,

  • – Fast service
  • – JIT programs
  • – Virtually any size & style
  • – Large/small quantities
  • – Singlewall/doublewall/triplewall.

ibox Packaging


ibox Packaging started to serve customers in 1976, providing customers with both retail packaging and custom corrugated display solutions.

They also do a great deal of stock boxes to facilitate local companies ship their products national wide.

With a main customer base area around Vancouver BC, they’ve got innovative packaging and display solutions, rich experience in e-commerce packaging.

Main cardboard display ranges at ibox Packaging,

  • Floor Displays
  • Counter Displays
  • Wine Gift Boxes
  • Ballot Boxes

Why cardboard POP displays?
✔ 100% environmental friendly material
✔ Eye-catching and attention-grabing
✔ Hassle free assembly with simple structure
✔ Flexible in placement, can be at the end of aisle or near the check out counter
✔ Cost saving

C&B Display Packaging Inc.


C&B Display Packaging Inc. take its focus on retail packaging and pop displays which help customers increase on site sales up to 20%.

Their main retail display ranges below,

  • PDQ
  • Counter Display
  • Floor Display
  • Pallet Display
  • End Cap, Power Wing and Side Kick
  • Dump Bins
  • Standees & Pop up Displays
  • Permanent Displays
  • Semi-Permanent

Find C&B displays at the following Major Retailers.

Big Box / Mass MerchantsTarget, Walmart, Best Buy
Warehouse Club StoresCostco, Sam’s Club, Wholesale Club
Hardware / Home ImprovementHome Depot, Lowes, Home Hardware, Rona
Automotive AftermarketCanadian Tire, Princess Auto
Drug StoresShoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, Wal-Mart
Convenience StoresBecker’s, Quickie-Mart, 7 Eleven, Hasty Market, Mac’s
Beer and Wine StoresLCBO, The Beer Store, Wine Shops
Grocery / SupermarketsLoblaws, Fortinos, No Frills, Longos, Metro, Sobeys, IGA, Safeway
Specialty StoresPetsmart, Sport Chek, Corbett’s, National Sports, Bass Pro Shops
Dollar / Value StoresDolarama, Tiger Direct, Dollar Tree
Office SupplyStaples, Office Depot, Office Max

Packwins Display Limited


Packwins Display Limited LOGO

At Packwins Display, we make it easy to bring your ideas to life.

Packwins is striving to be the most reliable and trust worthy cardboard display solution provider with leading and emerging brands.

We have 10 + years proven track record in providing creative, smart, and easy to set up display solutions. The graphic and structural design team always has an enthusiastic and positive attitude.


A perfectly designed and manufacturerd cardboard display will WOW your customers and the end consumer so that your products make a difference on the shop floor every day!

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