Top 6 Cardboard POP Display Stands Wholesale Suppliers China 2022

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China is home to design, manufacturing on all most all kinds of products, this includes cardboard display for retail business. Every brand want to stand out from the competitive consumer market, you will need a customized display to fight a way out in today’s brick and mortar business.
Here are lists of Chinese suppliers of retail POS displays for your ease access.

Top 6 Cardboard POP Display Stands Wholesale Suppliers China 2022

#1 Packwins Display Limited

Packwins Display Limited LOGO
  • Manufacturer of cardboard displays for points of sale
  • Operating for 12 years
  • Beijing, China
  • Products include cardboard cutout standees, counter displays, shop displays, sidekick displays, and other types of displays.

Since 2009, the Chinese startup Packwins has been creating personalized promotional products including cardboard displays and retail items. They are professionals at creating displays and packaging for last-minute sales in a variety of sectors, including the toy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and convenience store industries.

Whether it’s for a little boutique showing or one of the top brand merchants in the world, our staff is committed to assisting you in the success of your upcoming project!

These display design ideas enable a variety of clients to find fantastic offers and make savings in the marketplace.

#2 WOW Packaging & Display


WOW Packaging & Display, which was founded in 2009 and has had 12 years of steady development, has prospered as a producer of upscale gift boxes and merchandising displays. Through our ongoing assistance to well-known brands like Walmart, Costco, P&G, Kinder, Nivea, and others, we were able to assist several businesses in increasing their market share and revenue.

A variety of gift box designs, including magnetic boxes, mailer boxes, cylinder boxes, counter displays(CDU), dump bin, floor displays(FSDU), pallet displays, hang sell displays, sidekick displays, hook displays, and more, are available from WOW Packaging & Display. The company also has a wide range of production lines, from temporary to permanent materials.


  • Cardboard Display Stand
  • Floor Display
  • Counter Display
  • Dump Bin
  • Hook Display
  • Pallet Display

#3 T&W t&w

T&W is a reliable producer that specializes in the design and production of paper package boxes, paper cartons, and cardboard point-of-sale displays. As subject-matter experts, we take pleasure in our skilled design and happy manufacturing.

Our products are sold to numerous large supermarkets, including BestBuy, Costco, Wow, Target, Carrefour, K-mart, Tesco, and others. They are also exported to Australia, Europe, and America. We work with many well-known brands, including Angry Birds, Panasonic, Revlon, Red Bull, Hello Kitty, Disney, Spidey, Olay, and Philips.


  • POP Cardboard Display
  • POS Cardboard Displays
  • Cardboard Display Stands

#4 Kindvast Display

Kindvast Display is a reputable supplier of premium paper goods and end-user display solutions with headquarters in Shenzhen and clients all over the world. Kindvast, a local leader in POS displays, provides clients with one-stop service using a variety of end-user solution approaches, including R & D, design, production, and sales.

Kindvast Display, which has offices in Shenzhen and Qishi town, Dongguan, as well as a production facility there, has a modern factory building in the style of a garden that is over 22,000 square meters, over 150 professional and technical staff members, and fixed assets worth over 30 million yuan.


  • Various Packaging Boxes
  • Various Display Racks
  • Brand Display Rack
  • Various Packaging Boxes
  • Shop Display
  • Festival Display

#5 Shenzhen Meiya Display Co., Ltd


Our business, which specializes in different sorts of cardboard displays, was founded in 2005. With an area of 10,000 square meters and a team of over 200 highly qualified individuals, we continually maintain a high manufacturing output to fulfill the rapidly increasing demand from clients all over the world. Since our founding, providing consumers with high-quality service has been a corporate policy.

A company’s products are always guarded by cardboard displays, therefore every effort should be made to attract the attention of customers right away. We provide a one-stop service that includes custom design, a comprehensive cardboard display solution tailored to each customer’s needs, production, and delivery.


  • Cardboard Display Counter
  • Counter Display
  • Cardboard Display Counter
  • Cardboard Leaflet Holder
  • Promotion Cardboard Display

#6 Guang Li Paper Products Limited

GL Cardboard Display Logo

Focus on markets all around the world in addition to the local markets in China and Hong Kong. In order to effectively service clients from various locations and meet their unique demands, we have developed three professional teams, namely the Hong Kong Team, the China Team, and the Overseas Team.


  • Floor Stand Displays / FSDU
  • Dump-bins
  • Counter Tops / PDQ
  • Hanging Strips / Sidekicks
  • Pallet Displays
  • Standees


To find out the most reliable and professional retail corrugated stands manufacturer can be quite tricky. You can first ask for display mockup to view structure and product fitness before moving to physical prototyping and production to save time and avoid pitfalls.

Contact Packwins Display to generate an obligation free quote.

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