Top 9 Cardboard Store Display Suppliers in the UK

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Major supermarket chains like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons are main markets any retailors and brand managers wants to get in. But how can you be sure that your products will stand out from the crowd? One of the most effective key to success is bring a customized point of purchse cardboard store display to retail store.

Try to compare several pos display designer and manufacturer to see which will fit you best. You must have come to the right place here since we have summarized major manufactures here.

Top 9 Cardboard Store Display Suppliers in the UK

#1 Packwins Display Limited

Packwins Display Limited LOGO

Since 2009, the Chinese startup Packwins has been creating personalized promotional products including cardboard displays and retail items. They are professionals at creating displays and packaging for last-minute sales in a variety of sectors, including the toy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and convenience store industries.

Whether it’s for a little boutique showing or one of the top brand merchants in the world, our staff is committed to assisting you in the success of your upcoming project!

These display design ideas enable a variety of clients to find fantastic offers and make savings in the marketplace.

#2 Caps Cases Ltd

One of the largest independent, multi-location producers of corrugated cardboard packaging in the UK is Caps Cases. Our Chairman Charlie Bissett and Peter Bush (the “C” and “P” of CAPS Cases) created our family-run company in 1982; for more information, check the section below under “Company History.”

Caps Cases continuously strives to provide high-quality cardboard packaging at reasonable pricing, and we frequently make deliveries throughout East Anglia, London, the South East, East Midlands, Home Counties, and Scotland.

#3 Smartlift Bulk Packaging Ltd

We provide the personal touch with your best interests in mind as a family-run business. While closely collaborating with customers to understand and cater to their unique demands, we provide a high-quality product. We hold an ISO 9001:2015 registration. Number of Certificates: 207613

From the construction industry to the food and chemical industries, we provide bulk bags to many different businesses. We provide the whole range, including Type D conductive bags in addition to normal construction bags. Our products are specifically designed to meet the requirements of each job.

#4 Belmont Packaging

Belmont Packaging is a Greater Manchester-based manufacturer of dependable eco-friendly packaging. We offer a comprehensive variety of services, including design, printing, distribution, and material testing.

Belmont Packaging Ltd., founded in 1978, was purchased by Kate Hulley, who has since been in charge of a team of over 30 employees, half of whom have worked for the business for more than 15 years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the corrugated packaging sector.

#5 W H Skinner

Cardboard Display WH

W H Skinner create and produce eco-friendly products.

  •  Boxes and cardboard wrapping
  • Cardboard displays and point-of-sale systems
  • Big cardboard engineering projects, such as show displays, and exhibition stands.
  • Provide design and production services to other businesses in the sector.

W H Skinner can transform your concept or thoughts into a reality that exceeds your expectations thanks to our winning mix of industry-leading software, a competent design department, and skilled production staff. From your initial inquiry to delivery and beyond, our helpful, committed sales consultants will help you with every step of the process.

#6 Envoprint

Inventive. Customer oriented We can provide you with distinctive display stands, packaging options, and personalized envelopes to help you “Stand Out from the Crowd.” tailored to meet your requirements.

Here are some exact excerpts from various third-party reviews found on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and that have not been edited:

They spent time getting to know us and our needs, and they were very thorough and attentive to make sure the envelope was manufactured according to our desired specifications. We are thrilled with the product and wouldn’t think twice about referring them to other charities and companies.

#7 Emenac Packaging UK

Emenac Packaging: We Deliver on What We Promise

Kolaxo’s Emenac Packaging project promises to provide 100% customized printing and packaging for your company’s products. Emenac Packaging offers customized product boxes and card printing at affordable prices.

Emenac Packaging: What it Is For all of your company needs, All About Emenac Packaging provides customized printing and packaging solutions. We have digital and offset presses that are very modern in technology. It guarantees the highest level of quality for every packing box we print. Awe-inspiring artwork options are available from our talented designers for all types of boxes.

#8 Pyramid Visuals

An M25-based specialist in digital printing company.

Point of sale, exhibition graphics, building wraps, and internal and external signage make up the bulk of our business. We work with a variety of digital printing techniques and take on a variety of unusual projects, such as large building wraps and window and retail decorations.

  • Scitex 3 and 5m Wide 1 Grandjet INCA Spider
  • UV Flatbed
  • 4 HP Inkjets (2 HP 5500, 2 HP 9000),
  • 3 S/A Vinyl Cutters,
  • and 4 HP Inkjets.
  • 2 Seal Laminators,
  • 1 Zund Flatbed Cutter,
  • and 1 Edge Printer

#9 GWP Group

Manufacturers of corrugated boxes, GWP Packaging, has a solution for you.

Your business can now take advantage of a wide range of corrugated packaging solutions and services, whether you’re working on a cost-cutting project, need to reduce product damage in transit, or want to lower the costs related to high packaging stocks.

GWP takes pride in offering a truly bespoke service to every business we work with, from conceptualization to delivery. similar companies to yours.


Hope the above companies could bring you a very clear idea on where to source when there is a new cardboard point of purchase display project come up. Before that, you will need to be very clear on your own product package specifications and unit weight, how large the footprint you can have in a retail store, how these products should be transit. Whether displays are assembled by co-packer or in retail store onspot.

But don’t forget to ask Packwins for an obligation free display review so that you can have a general idea on where your case is heading to.

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