UBU Corrugate SRT Shelf Ready Tray Display

An SRT Shelf Ready Tray Corrugate Display from Concept to Prototype.
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Recently one of our customer UBU turned to us for a display solution that is prepackaged with 5 types of their brushes. They requrie a combination way of both act as a shipper and a display.

Our designer team work directly with brands and retailers to understand their point of purchase needs and drafted some ideas starting from scratch and client prefer a small sized tear-away package which we call it SRT or SRP or RRP.

SRT Shelf Ready Tray RRP Corrugate Display

What is SRT or SRP or RRP in advertising and display industry?

SRT is short for Shelf Ready Tray; SRP is short for Shelf Ready Packaging; RRP is short for Retail Ready Package.

They become more and more popular or even becomes a must to substitube the previous carton packaing box. Since it has a surpassed function as a promotional display.

All retailers are expecting a way of packaging that’s taken out of box and display immediately. It has prove to be a very effective and cost saving way to restock, display and drive sales at retail.

What would be the material choice for this cosmetics display?

Material choice has to be discussed case by case.

From one way, our designer would suggest a material or a combination of materials ie: cardboard, corrugate, single corrugate, double wall corrugate or even triple depends on the weight bearing capacity requirement or the display size itself.

We make an initial white sample to test structure and overall apperance using 350G stock paper which in some places people call it cardboard.

Of course, there is the retailers preferences taken into consideration. Though 350gram stock paper is thick, when it folds down, the 2 pieces don’t comply well.

So we turn to a very thin and unusal corrugate board that is F-flute corrugate. This brings a quite happy experience and a win-win situation for both of us.

Our team of both structural and graphic designers are dedicated to solving problems to help our customers growing.

We’ll provide concepts and prototypes throughout to production and delivery even dropshipping to create a complete satisfaction.

Which industries and markets do these shelf ready trays most often used?

  • FMG productions
  • Consumer Goods
  • Packaged Items
  • Chain stores and supermarkets
  • Retail and Grocery Store

What we can benefit from RRP display?

To put it simple a shelf ready packaging display is open, with easy access to shoppers and can be refilled easily. It builds your brand awareness and urges people to take action and buy thus greatly increases your sales.

  • Easy to assemble and open
    • The set up of the display is as simple as to tuck a carton box. And put the products into the box without effort.
    • Easy to open on site with the pre-dotted perforated line you tear it away the top part in a second.
  • Easy to refill
    • Just restock the new items when the egxisting one had been sold out.
    • Requires minimal action onto shelves very efficient.
  • Easy to recognize
    • With full color printed on the outside, shoppers are quite easy to identify its brand.
    • It is also recognizable for store stuff to stock and put on shelf.
  • Easy to take and buy
    • These printed brands are outstanding among the other items on shelf.
    • Maximize profits by upgraded shopping experience.
    • Elegant look
  • Easy to treat after use
    • These trays are made from eco-friendly corrugate material that can be desposed of.
    • Even it can be reused for the next marketing campaign.

Let’s have a quick view of how this ready to shelf tray looks,

Contact us now to learn how we can go beyond for your next promotion.

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