Which type of POP Display works for you? Permanent, Semi-Permanent or Temporary

Dive into the world of point-of-purchase displays to make an informed decision that resonates with your unique business needs.
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The fact that more and more people get the habit of buying from online shops like Amazon has bring greater challenge to brick and mortar stores. Custom POP Displays are an effective way to directly transfer shoppers-by to your product buyers. This is even true when customers looking to save more from promoted and discounted products.

The first decision you are going to make before moving to a new display is whether to go with permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary.

Types of POP Displays Defined

Permanent Displays

Unlike its name permanent displays are not going to be permanent, however it does last for a long-term use like 1-3 years.

They are regular fixture in a sotre. Often the material choice are more durable like metal, wood and acrylic. Based on theses material, it’s weight bearing capacity is great and can wihstand wear and tear. Store stuffs can constantly refill with new products.

Usually to make permanent display, it needs tooling or molding. So you can get any shape you like or shape to reflect your brand logo.

Semi-Permanent Display

Semi-permanent displays are made to last for 6 to 12 months. It usually made from cardboard, acrylic, wood and other lightweight materials. Confectionery products and phone accessories are often displayed in permanent displays. Like some displays for Ferrero and Kinder, they are durable enought to last for 6 months.

Temporary Displays

Temporary displays are designed to be used in a short run, about 1-6 months. We often make it use corrugated cardboard material, which is easy to shape and with no tooling cost.

You might often see in a supermarket or a chain store a promotional off-shelf display stands next to similar items, and most probably you are attracked to take one off from the display.

Temporary displays are ideal for seasonal promotions or when you introduce a new product to market.

Factors to Consider on Display Type Choice.

You can ask yourself these questions to determine which display to go with your upcoming project,

For how long will this POP display be used?
What is my footprint for this display?
What are the sizes of my products?
What products will be displayed?
Who is my target audience?
What is the ROI expectation?
What is my budget?

Temporary vs. Permanent Displays — Which One Should You Use?

Answers to above questions help you make your decision at the time point. Either display style could offer ample benefites to your prducts. However as per our 11 years experience the advantage and benefits of a temporary cardboard display outweigh those of the other types.

For a permanent display, there would be high cost for tooling and molding, and also the time you devote to each step of prototyping, tooling, manufacturing and distributing. Among which molding usually takes up more than 6 or 12 months.

Market trends changes greatly, and also seasons change, it can be hard to keep relevant between your product and branding.

On the other hand, temporary dislays can speed time to market. Not to mention is affordability that you can change design and start a brand new design well prepared for the next promotional season.

All in all, a temporary corrugate pop display has a great ROI, how-cost, low-rist but high-reward.

Which industries use Temporary Retail Displays

Temporary retail displays are easy to set up or assembled. There will be a very easy to follow instruction on how to get the display done. Or for some items you can even choose to have displays pre-assembled and products pre-filled in display. That’s a great time saver!

Temporary displays are quite popular among industries like,

Back-to-School items
Nutritional items
Pet supplies
And so on! They can have new and upgraded graphics related to their brand to refresh and catch customers’ attention timely.

Create Your Own Temporary Point of Purchase Displays

Get ready to promote your products? Contact us today for any upcoming project, even if you’ve only have an idea.

Let’s us bring it to reality. Every step from design display rendering to production procedures is worked in-house to guarantee short run and high quality.

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