Who Needs A Corrugate P.O.P Display?

Our corrugated packaging boxes and cardboard Point of Purchase display solutions have proven records in encouraging shoppers to buy and maintain customer loyalty.
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Our corrugated packaging boxes and cardboard Point of Purchase display solutions have proven records in encouraging shoppers to buy and maintain customer loyalty.

Both for online and offline business, we got you covered with the most advance graphic design and structural design services to create an eye-catching and sales-driving point of purchase cardboard display box. Retail customers shall pause and interact with your product when they walk through the shopping lane.

New businesses that start to kick-off.

If you are planning to start a business for a specific item, you will also need to consider the visual effects of the product packaging and display together with the product quality itself. Since no one will find your existence if you are new to the market, and without any eye-catching packaging or display.

For most of the time business at this initial stage often has no graphic designers, and they even don’t familiar with out sourcing on artwork design. But they do have a LOGO.

We take it simple. A logo in vector file is enough for us to create a packaging box or an off-shelf display. This graphic design service is free at the sampling stage. So you don’t have to worry a thing and we move things on.

Wholesalers who want to stand out from the crowd.

Wholesalers are always finding a way to advertise their brand and promote their products in a retail space. This is because they have driving great benefits from retail point of purchase display since the first day displays we applied.

Packwins Display is always striving to work out the right opportunity for businesses small to large to create custom corrugated displays to fit the retail shelf. These displays will definitely bring your products to the fore-front and drive sales greatly.

Some of the wholesalers have developed their brands throughout the years, so our design team will take all these factors into consideration to ensure the whole design are consistent.

Well-established brands compete for each promotional season.

Giant 500 companies like Coca Cola, Disney, CVS health etc fall into this category. They are well-established, and we need not worry about artwork design, but the structure we do care.

Structural design and weight bearing capacity is one of the most important aspects when we create displays for these brands. Since they have a vast number of drop shipping sites come up to 20k, and their display order quantity is big. There is no room for mistakes.

The second factor as well as important is the color consistence. You don’t expect two color styles for a same brand like the Coca Cola red.

Besides seasonal promotion, there are many theme that needs a promotional display like Soccer Game.

Last but not least, online business also needs a well designed Ready to Ship Display box to “WOW” your end customers.

As a statistic shown from Google on consumer behaviors, over 100,000 people search for unboxing videos each month. So we know the packaging box is as well important as the product itself.

A well designed ready to ship display box give a great first impression and bring back old customer. Also the robust quality of the packaging box could largely reduce your return rate for well protected products.

Thus E-commerce business do need a retail packaging and ready to ship display box.

Packwins Display warmly welcome you to contact us for your upcoming display and packaging project.


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