POS Corrugated Stacker Display for Garments

POS-Corrugated-Stacker-Display-for-Garments-4 POS-Corrugated-Stacker-Display-for-Garments-3 POS-Corrugated-Stacker-Display-for-Garments-2

Take a glance of a single unit, this can be functioned as well as a PDQ, and total quantity of which can be very flexible depened by the retail promotion plan.

POS Corrugated Stacker Display for Garments

Product Details

Brand: Can be customized
Model No.: SD20170111
Country of Orign: Guangdong, China
Certificate: SGS

Payment&Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order: 1piece
Lead Time: 7-16 working days
Payment: T/T, Paypal, Western Union, L/C
Defaut Package: 1 piece/carton